Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rankings HQ?

Hey there folks, today I'm driving the 1000 or so miles that separates me from Chicago, and Adepticon.  Funtimes!  I recently discovered the Ranking HQ's website, and looked myself up.  Heh, funtimes, right?

So, I'm apparently #72 in the States.  Here's the link to 'my' page.

The guy who is #1 doesn't really have a win, which was surprising.  He has some good finishes, but not a win yet.  Here's the link to his page.

You can have up to three tournaments listed on there.  I only have 2 of mine, which is dragging me down.  I wonder what would happen if the organizers from my other bigish tournament wins had submitted their results:

1st Feast of Blades
1st Tacticon
2nd Genghis Con

So, 2 GT-level tournaments, and the Feast is a pretty big one too. 

heh, not that this ranking means anything.  I wouldn't be surprised if the #1 guy actually had more top finishes that he also wasn't getting credit for.  I wish this got standardized though.  At least for the big tournaments.  Flames of War has it.  Why can't we?

What's your rank? 


Thor said...

#72, not bad at all. My rank is non-existent as I've not attended any GTs or anything large enough of note.

Commander_Vimes said...

Likewise no rank. Anything in particular we'd have to do to get Genghis, Tacticon, and Feast of Blades on that list of applicable events?

Black Blow Fly said...

Unfortunate they post results from many small tourneys which skews just about everything. Soz.

tzeentchling said...

Ranked 226. But this is based only on WarGamesCon from last year, when I placed 25th. Would love to factor in Tacticon/Ghengis Con.

Xaereth said...

Hm, maybe I'll try contacting Tony to see if Genghis/Tacticon results could be submitted. I think the Feast of Blades was supposed to be submitted- I'll email Chandler and see if I can get that ball rolling as well.

Not that it's going to change a whole lot. Here's hoping I can get better than #12 this year at Adepticon :)