Thursday, June 30, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 35: Krueger2 and Baldur1 vs. Kreoss3 and Karchev!

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He's not terrible anymore!
Howdy all. I've got a couple reports here for you against some factions that I haven't played against yet in MK3. And against Menoth, I think I have played a total of 2 games against them ever.

There is a tournament coming up this Saturday, and I plan on attending. My current list pairing is Krueger2 and Baldur1. Because I don't really know what lists to specifically plan against at this point, I've made a couple lists that could conceivably win any given game (in my obviously ignorant view).

The goal is to have lists that can deal with different things, while still having an okay chance to win even if I'm locked into one list or another.

That's the goal. Haha. I'm having fun being back in the game again at least, even if my plans aren't the most complicated :)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 34: Krueger2 makes his debut vs. Skorne

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Hedonism bot = Rasheth
Howdy everyone,

I've managed to get a couple more games in since my last post. For some reason, my area is fraught with Skorne players, and as such I'm likely to play them a lot. This post is no exception - two different days, two different Skorne players.

Today I played my favorite caster in MKII - Krueger2. He got nerfed a little (his feat no longer prevents charges due to the SPD debuff), but still does some really good things. I'm definitely more of a control-style player, and if K2 is anything, he's a control caster.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Warmachine Batrep 33: Circle in MKIII - 7 total games!

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Howdy all! It's been a long time since I've done anything miniature-related, other than packing up my models and storing them for a while.
I went on a 1.5 year hiatus, and in that time I've moved, been promoted twice at my job, and had other life things happen to me that don't really belong on a blog like this. Suffice it to say, I had good reasons to go, but I'm back, at least for now, and want to get some MKIII battle reports going!

Please note that this may not be as consistent as my previous battle reports used to be. I have far less time on my hands, and am unsure if I can write up a report for every game I play.

Also note that my painting will not really get done at all until I can hire someone to paint for me. As I've said - I don't have time, and painting took too much time previously. Alas :-/

So, Circle in MKIII. It's been interesting. I've long tried to find an excuse to use Baldur1, and I feel like he's finally viable competitively. At least, he is for now. I also like Cassius Wurmwood. Grayle is also interesting. Lots of cool stuff to be excited about.