Monday, February 6, 2017

Warmachine Battle Report #51: Grayle Wolfsworn Theme Force vs. Trollbloods Horgle2, 75 Points

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Grayle Grail
Hello all! I've recently discovered that my schedule will not allow me to attend any tournaments this month (February), and as such, I get a full month of playing with my new models and learning how they work!
I'm VERY excited about the new Wolfsworn theme force. I had been running a Grayle list for my more casual games, on and off. I've said things like, "if we get a theme force, this list will be legitimately competitive in tournaments." Whereas that's as yet largely untested, I've had some really fun games with the list so far.

This report will have a mini-report (no pictures, just a brief recap) of a game vs. Trolls, directly before the "feature" report, where I have pictures and everything!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Warmachine Battle Report 50: Baldur1 (and Tanith) at Store Wars Team Tournament, 75 points

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Howdy everyone! I've got some battle reports here for you, in the context of an annual team tournament we have in Denver every year. It's called "Store Wars", and each game shop in our area puts together a 5-player team to compete with the others. I played in this tournament as my last act in MK2 (albeit about 1.5 years before the actual end of MK2), and had the worst tournament result of my life (I went 0-3). No matter that there were a some really crazy (unlucky) things that day... I still did a very poor job overall. No reports for those games, since I was on my way out of the hobby at the time, but suffice it to say that as a competitive player, it's one of my more embarrassing moments.

Ironically, my team still won the event, and I got a trophy that I didn't really earn. This time, I hoped that I could redeem myself in my own eyes, and actually be a help to my team.