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Warmachine Battle Report 50: Baldur1 (and Tanith) at Store Wars Team Tournament, 75 points

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Howdy everyone! I've got some battle reports here for you, in the context of an annual team tournament we have in Denver every year. It's called "Store Wars", and each game shop in our area puts together a 5-player team to compete with the others. I played in this tournament as my last act in MK2 (albeit about 1.5 years before the actual end of MK2), and had the worst tournament result of my life (I went 0-3). No matter that there were a some really crazy (unlucky) things that day... I still did a very poor job overall. No reports for those games, since I was on my way out of the hobby at the time, but suffice it to say that as a competitive player, it's one of my more embarrassing moments.

Ironically, my team still won the event, and I got a trophy that I didn't really earn. This time, I hoped that I could redeem myself in my own eyes, and actually be a help to my team.

My Team:

Our team was kind of a mishmash of players from different areas - our stores had already formed teams, so we decided to represent the recently-out-of-business Adventurer's Quarter. The team members, in no particular order:

Andy played Khador. Harkevich and one of the Vlads.
Rob played Legion. Lylyth3 and Fyanna.
Chad played Retribution. Kaelyssa and... someone else? Lol, now I feel bad. Terrible memory.
Daniel played Trolls. Borka1(?) and Horgle2.
Adam (myself) played Circle. Baldur1 and Tanith.

Our general strategy:

Rob and Chad were both relatively new to the game. There were some factions that neither of them had played against, and they were pretty up-front about just doing what was best for the team. So, as Rob was the least experienced, we decided to see if we could lure out unfavorable matchups to play him (with us assuming a loss from him, unfortunately), in order to get more favorable matchups for the rest of us.

We had each gone through each store's lists and documented which lists we felt comfortable into, and which lists we wanted to avoid. I said I was comfortable into Menoth and Trolls, but wanted to avoid Convergence, Khador, and Cygnar.

My Lists:


Bloodtrackers (max)
Druids of Orboros (w/ CA)
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Shifting Stones

Blackclad Wayfarer

- Warpwolf Stalker
- Feral Warpwolf
- Scarsfell Griffon

- Scarsfell Griffon
- Scarsfell Griffon

Reeves (max) (w/ CA)
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Shifting Stones

Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Gone Wilder

SPOILER ALERT: I didn't play Tanith at all the whole day. I looked for opportunities to do so, but we weren't required to play both lists, and Baldur was just the better choice each game. If you're looking for Tanith reports, this isn't the place.

Tournament Scene:

There were a total of 10 teams in attendance, which meant we might have 3 games, or 4 games. There were a total of 5 Circle players, with Una2 and Baldur2 being the most popular casters by far. The fact that there were any Circle players other than myself surprised me - Circle used to be well-represented in our meta, but for some reason people have been quitting it in favor of other factions.

We had targeted two teams we wanted to avoid (not that we had much control over that). One was Gryphon's Games and Comics, who had a lot of really solid players. The other was Atomic Games, as they had some of the best players in the area on their team, and perhaps more relevant: it's the shop myself and Daniel play at. They would know our tendencies, which isn't the best in a team tournament setting.

ROUND 1: Adventurer's Quarter vs. Atomic Games!!

Lol, the irony. These guys are guys I play every week. Also, one of the teams we wanted to avoid.

They had the following factions:


All of these guys regularly attend tournaments, and are very good players. The Mercs player was probably the best of them, but only by a small amount. I didn't really feel confident into any of them, if we're being honest.

In the end, I got stuck into Menoth, which was theoretically the best for me. Mike was very confident that he would beat me though. :-/

Game 1: Circle Orboros vs. Menoth!!

His lists:

I'm sorry, but I don't have a picture of lists, and I'm not going to try to re-create them from memory. All of the lists I played against this tournament were pretty well-known tropes anyways.

High Reclaimer w/ dude-spam
Amon ad Raza w/ synergy jack-spam

Pairings Debate:

I was pretty sure Mike would drop High Reclaimer into me. Baldur's feat is just too good against High Reclaimer not to drop him. Tanith might be able to kill more troops, but Baldur's control elements were just too solid to ignore. Plus, I'd just finished a different tournament against High Reclaimer, and Baldur had done fine against that list. Don't fix what's not broken I guess :)

> I dropped Baldur1.
>> Mike dropped High Reclaimer.

>>> Mike won the roll to go first, and I took the side of the board where forests would be a huge advantage.

Pre-game thoughts:

My team had gotten to choose which tables we played on, and I had specifically chosen the one with forests close to each other. This was part of a diabolical plan on my part to help negate Mike's Flamebringers. You'll see.

High Reclaimer is a caster that you're punished for doing well against. My formula against him is something like:

1) Kill ALL the models you can in one turn. 
2) Pop feat.
3) Reclaimer grows back a lot of his models, then kills a lot of your own models.
4) If you have enough models left, kill even more models - it won't hurt as bad this time, though HR still gets souls.
5) Rinse/repeat until you win or lose.

I needed to keep the Wrath away from his character jack, who was the only model that could put true hurt on him.


Idrians and Bloodtrackers put Prey on each other. Aww...

Might not look like it, but there are a LOT of infantry here...
 Menoth Turn 1:

Mike put Hand of Fate on the Flamebringers.

Everything ran up toward me.

Idrians are in the trench directly across from me. Sorry, the pictures are going to be weird sometimes, since there wasn't much room available at this shop.
Circle Turn 1:

There wouldn't be much I could do other than get into a good position.

Sentry Stone unit tried to get a couple boosted 9's to hit Idrians, but missed on two boosts, and one natural roll.

I had one Sentry Stone move into the gap between forests and grow a forest.

Bloodtrackers then ran their full 14" to get outside of the Flamebringers' assault range, behind the huge wall of forest (see below). Sprays can't hurt them through forests :)

Druids moved up and put up Elemental Protection and clouds. I intentionally put the Druids just barely within 11" of a couple Idrians to try to draw them out.

I didn't kill anything, but we would see if I could avoid losing much next turn.

Sorry for the blur. Flamebringers are the unit on the far right. 10" sprays with assault. Yuck.
 Menoth Turn 2:

Mike stayed aggressive and tried to get some damage on me.

Idrians walked up and tried to shoot my Druids. Most of them were out of range due to Prowl + clouds, and the ones that were in range missed vs. DEF 15.

Flamebringers couldn't hurt the Druids, so they assaulted my Sentry Stones and popped their mini-feat. They managed to kill one of them, and the other took 6 points. Ouch!

Everything else just ran forward.


Circle Turn 2:

That many models so close to me was somewhat intimidating. I had a LOT of work to do.

Baldur went first and POPPED HIS FEAT. I didn't want to forget that. He also put up the Wrath's animus, which gives me boosted magic attack rolls against models within 10" of the caster. This would help the Druids immensely.

He mostly stayed sitting where he was.

Druids went next and targeted the clumped-up Idrians with their 3" AOE knockdown spells. The first spell hit and knocked down 4 models. The next spell targeted one of the knocked-down models, and knocked down another 2 or 3. I chained it like this until all but one Idrian was knocked down. I also managed to get a number of Errants and Flamebringers knocked down as well. Overseer put up Elemental Protection again.

Mannikins then walked up and killed all of the Idrians with two sprays. Not bad when you don't have to worry about accuracy! They also killed a few Flamebringers.

Wrath advanced and shot a Flamebringer, and boosted damage rolls on his blast damage, killing several other models.

Bloodtrackers advanced and killed a bunch of Errants and Flamebringers.

Megalith was out of range to hurt any infantry, so he boosted an Earth Spikes into the objective, then spiked damage on it, bringing it down to 4 HP. For whatever that was worth, lol.

With that, I'd killed 8 Idrians, 8 or 9 Flamebringers, 5 or 6 Errants, and maybe even a Choir member. 

SO MANY souls for the Reclaimer this turn.
Menoth Turn 3:

This would be the turn of pain for me. Could my feat keep me alive for one more turn?

High Reclaimer brought back 7 Flamebringers, who mostly deep-fried my Bloodtrackers.

The forests helped me spare a couple of my Bloodtrackers. Not many though, lol.

Something killed my final Sentry Stone.

Rhoven gave his Reckoner eyeless sight, and despite the fact that my Blackclad was prowling at DEF 18 (cover from the feat), the Reckoner got the boosted 15 he needed to hit him. Doh! Would have been MUCH easier if he had survived, as he could have killed most of the Flamebringers on his own. Ah well.

It wasn't so bad... still a little bad though lol.

Circle Turn 3:

I needed to kill most of Mike's remaining army this turn if possible and put some pressure on him. Unfortunately, without sprays I would have a tough time of it.

I eventually decided that the Wrath and Megalith needed to be brought forth as bait, to force Mike to commit his character jack. So, I dropped Stone Skin off the Wrath (the character jack is weapon master against any model with an upkeep on it).

Wrath moved forward and used a Sweep power attack to kill 5 or 6 Flamebringers.

Megalith trampled forward through the forest and used Earth Spikes to kill 3 Choir members. Mike wouldn't be able to sing "Battle" to his character jack. Megalith also killed both of Roven's bodyguards with punches to the face.

Druids and Bloodtrackers combined to kill most of the remaining infantry.

Baldur created a forest behind the Wrath and forest walked into it to stay outside of any unforeseen threat ranges, and sat on three transfers.

Reckoner wasn't a huge threat to Baldur, since he couldn't be allocated focus.

Menoth Turn 4:

Mike wasn't in a great situation. He had a couple Idrians left, and maybe one or two Errants. He DID have two full-strength jacks though. And Reclaimer again had a ton of focus.

In the end, he had the Reclaimer charge Megalith, which got him within 10" of the Reckoner. Mike then discovered that Sacrificial Lamb (give a focus to each jack in his control range) could only be cast once. So, he punched Megalith as best he could, but didn't kill him.

Other things did some stuff, and the Druids and Bloodtrackers almost all died. He even got 11 damage on my objective.

The pewter model you see there next to Megalith? That's the High Reclaimer.

Circle Turn 4:

Baldur got all excited - he could use Forest Walk to punch the High Reclaimer!

So that's what he did. He punched HR 5 times, but HR was still sitting on ONE box. Womp womp.

Megalith reached in and tore High Reclaimer's head off.

The game ended...

Game 1 Results: Win for Circle Orboros via assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

Baldur1 isn't terrible into High Reclaimer. At least, I like my list into him. There are a LOT of infantry, but this list is pretty decent into infantry. Druids were very helpful this game, knocking models down so I could just spray them down en masse.

Then his feat comes up and restricts charging into my own models, forcing HR to feat back Flamebringers. While the Flamebringers with Hand of Fate are really strong offensively, they have very poor defensive stats (DEF 11 ARM 14 isn't the best). 

I did put a couple models at risk that didn't need to be. I didn't have to have one of my Sentry Stones in range to die on Turn 2 (it didn't die, but it easily could have). I also risked my Blackclad unnecessarily a couple of times. 

Overall, I was (and still am) proud of my play this game. A few things I did poorly, but HR is one of the best casters in the game right now. Getting a win against him (with a good player playing him) is something to be proud of :)


Rob's Legion lost to Trolls (he'd never played vs. Trolls before this).
Chad's Retribution lost with ONE SECOND left vs. Mike's Cryx.
I won vs. Menoth. 
Andy's Khador beat Mercs.

The score was 2-2....

Daniel's game vs. the new Skorne yielded us the final win we needed.


We were very happy to have won against a good team like Atomic. Only 2-3 rounds to victory!!

Tournament Scene:

Griffon's team won. We didn't really know the other teams well enough to know the significance of the other wins. We didn't want to play against Griffon though. 


This was a group of guys I had no personal knowledge of. They'd apparently won their last round with ease, and had a bunch of factions I didn't want to play into.

Let's see, they had (from memory):

Circle (Baldur2 & Tanith)
Cygnar (Sloane and Haley2?)
Menoth (Amon and ... something else? lol)
Mercs (Ossrum and ... something else? lol)
Legion (Fyanna and Abbey2?)

Sorry, bad memory :)

We were put into a position where I could choose to play against either Menoth (the guy seemed VERY confident into Circle), or Circle. 

I didn't really feel like a Circle mirror match, not least because I didn't have much practice into it at all. 

I also didn't feel like playing into a Menoth guy who wouldn't be dropping High Reclaimer into me, who was also really confident into Circle.

In the end, we decided that Menoth would be better. Daniel and Andy could play into the Circle list with a good expectation of victory.

Game 2: Circle Orboros vs. Protectorate of Menoth!!

His lists:

Amon w/ synergy jack spam. Theme force w/ a ton of extra models.
I want to say Kreoss3? I don't remember. (guess what he's dropping, HAHA)

Pairings Debate:

I knew he would drop Amon. From comments he made, I knew that's what I was facing.

Tanith wasn't the best option into Amon, since that list's ranged weapons weren't magical, and he could protect his jacks against the Reeve's shooting. She would still do okay though - the Stalker does some WORK against lists like this.

Baldur is good at controlling the board against jacks, and I was pretty sure I could at least have a fighting chance against this list.

> I dropped Baldur1.
>> My opponent dropped Amon.

>>> My opponent won the roll to go first, and chose the side of the board with a trench.

Pre-game thoughts:

Well... the good news was that my opponent was in theme and therefore couldn't take the character jack that destroys models with upkeeps. He only had two models with POW 19+, though with Synergy and Battle, ALL of his jacks would be hitting hard.

I needed to do a couple things if I wanted to win:

1) Kill the support models like Choir and Vassals.
2) Get a few big kills before my opponent could attack the Wrath/Megalith.

If I could kill at least one of his high-pow models and a couple lower-pow models before he hit me, I could win via attrition. 

The key was to protect the Wrath for as many rounds as possible.


I put Prey on one of the POW 19 jacks on the left.

He has two "combust" heavy jacks, two POW 19 heavy jacks, 2 shielded light jacks, and 3 dervishes. So much!

Circle Turn 1:

I ran forward as best I could.

One thing I super-failed on was getting the Druids up farther. I meant to, but then decided to ... walk them instead? Not sure how that happened.

Having first turn this game was important, since his army is all SPD 7 (with Mobility).

Menoth Turn 1:

He used the Choir to put up "Passage" on all his jacks, making them untargetable by non-magical ranged attacks.

Mobility + Synergy went up (actually, I think Synergy started up, because of theme force nonsense).

Circle Turn 2:

I had an opportunity to kill 4 Choir and 2 Vassals this turn for minimal investment. My opponent had put one unit of Choir facing his own deployment, giving me back arc shots.

Mannikins walked up on both sides. I couldn't target any of his jacks, and didn't have line of sight to the Choir. So instead I had them target a fellow Mannikin, which then got me 2 Choir and a Vassal.

My to-hit rolls were awful, and despite 6 boosted rolls that needed a "6" to hit, I only managed to kill two Choir.

Bloodtrackers managed to get their sights on a Vassal and Choir, and killed them.

I killed 3 Choir and 1 Vassal. Not the result I was hoping for (it should have easily been 2 Vassals and 4 Choir), but still okay.

Everything else just moved up slowly, staying outside his threat ranges.

How will he respond to the loss of free models?

Menoth Turn 2:

Choir put up Passage again, but couldn't/didn't get it on the Bloodtrackers' prey model.

He kind of just ran up, pressuring me. The picture will tell a better story.

His models are closing in...

Circle Turn 3:

I was surprised: my opponent had given me two "free" jacks, one of which was a heavy-hitter. I needed to take advantage if possible.

One Druid split off from the others and knocked the jack on my left down.

Another Druid knocked the jack on my right down.

Another Druid pushed the other heavy on my right backward.

The Wrath had a clear path, and charged the nearby jack. He rolled VERY poorly, but with Dice +2 on damage, I was able to kill the thing. Glad he was knocked down!

Baldur durdled up and POPPED HIS FEAT. I made sure he caught all of the nearby jacks in it so they wouldn't be able to reach the Wrath. He then cycled Stone Skin to the Bloodtrackers.

Bloodtrackers also rolled very poorly. With POW 13, they barely managed to do half boxes on their Prey.

I eventually decided NOT to charge in with Megalith and finish the guy off. Instead, he put Earth Spikes on the jack, and did some more damage.

My remaining Sentry Stone and his Mannikin managed to kill another 2 or 3 Choir.

Disappointing not to kill two jacks this turn when they were gift-wrapped, but at least I killed the high-damage one and continued to undermine his support.

Bloodtrackers are in position to lure a jack in to kill them, to buy the Wrath one extra round with fewer models attacking.

Menoth Turn 3:

I think my opponent sensed my Bloodtracker "trap" and decided not to be lured away from being able to charge the Wrath next turn. 

Instead, my opponent surprised me by vacating the zone entirely and staring at my Wrath lustily.

Not much of my stuff died this turn. I was very surprised. But, my opponent had laid a trap for me. Not my favorite thing ever.

It's a trap!

Circle Turn 4:

My opponent wanted me to score three and in so doing, sacrifice my Wrath and potentially also Baldur.

I decided to be a little more sneaky.

First, the Bloodtrackers shot their Prey, and the stupid thing apparently had "enliven" on it, so it walked out of their range. 

Megalith charged it and killed it easily.

Druids advanced and knocked some stuff over, also killed a couple more Choir. Only one left!

Wrath then charged the objective, killing it.

Baldur did an odd thing then - he ran to the right flag to dominate it.

This would give my opponent a dilemma - could he kill the Wrath and still get someone over to contest the flag? He may have had one or two models that could manage it, but without those models, he probably couldn't kill the Wrath.

If he didn't get someone over to contest the flag, I'd win, as I'd score up to 4 on his turn, then get to 5 on my own turn. It would at least be interesting.

I controlled the zone and dominated the flag for one each. With the destroyed objective, I was at 3.

Score: 3-0, advantage Circle.

Druids are ready to push models away from the flag if need be.

Menoth Turn 4:

As things happened, my opponent did not realize that I was at 3 points, and so proceeded to gleefully murder my poor Wrath.

I scored another point at the end of his turn.

Score: 4-0, advantage Circle.

Circle Turn 5:

I didn't see the point in killing more stuff. I ended my turn and scored one more.

The game ended...

Game 2 Results: Win for Circle Orboros via scenario!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, I felt a tiny bit bad about how I'd won - my opponent was shocked that the scenario scored like that. Apparently he didn't think the Wrath could control the zone without being COMPLETELY within it.

I did say that I scored 3 though. He didn't correct me. /shrug

My opponent maintains that he could have easily contested the flag AND killed my Wrath. It took him ALL of his damage rolls to kill the Wrath though. I'm not really convinced. Without the Choir, his models didn't hit as hard as he was used to.

I was very surprised I was allowed to win via scenario, but I obviously was fine with it. I was prepared to have the Wrath charge in and kill 2 or 3 Dervishes and put up Stone Skin - it would be very difficult to kill the Wrath in one turn then. But, I didn't have to. 

This match up looks really bad for Circle, but once you've played against jack spam as much as I have with this list, it begins to feel very approachable. I think I could have also won this game if I had gone for attrition. Scenario seemed far lower risk though, so I took it.


Rob's Legion lost to Cygnar.
Chad's Retribution beat Mercs.
I beat Menoth.
Andy's Khador beat Legion.
Daniel's double garg Trolls list beat Tanith.


Tournament Scene:

The pair-down team LOST this round, which meant there would only be three games for this tournament.

Gryphon's Games and Comics had won their round, which meant...


They had something like the following:

Khador w/ Karchev and a Vlad
Convergence w/ Lucant and Axis
Cryx w/ Lich3 and Scaverous (?)
Menoth w/ High Reclaimer and Amon ad Raza (lol)
Cygnar w/ Stryker1 and... Kray? Siege? not sure.

I was kind of angling to play against Menoth again, for the sake of a silly tournament. For a little bit, it looked like that might be the case. It was either Menoth or Khador, but their captain decided that Khador was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Game 3: Circle Orboros vs. Khador

His lists:

Karchev (the only caster I thought he would drop)
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
- Juggernaut
- Behemoth
- Kodiak
- Clamjack
- Clamjack


Pairings Debate:

I'd already tried Tanith into Josh at a tournament. Not a great result. I've had good results from Baldur1 vs. Khador jack spam, and I had no reason to mess around with a caster I wasn't as good with. Plus, he had Behemoth, and Solid Ground was VERY good against that guy.

Not really a debate at all.

> I dropped Baldur1.
>> Josh dropped Karchev.

>>> Josh won the roll to go first, and took first turn.

Pre-game thoughts:

Man... it seems like I can't stop playing against jack spam lately.

It's all the same thing: I needed to pick off the hard-hitters, and protect the Wrath and Megalith.

Josh was a very good player - I'd argue that he's in the top 5 in our area, maybe even the best player. There would be very little margin for error against him.

Luckily, I had gotten the table with a big old forest in the middle. Heh, nice to choose your own table every game :)


The Juggernaut he's moving on the left is also the Bloodtrackers' prey.

Khador Turn 1:

Josh ran up, if Khador jacks can be said to "run".

Circle Turn 1:

I also ran up, but stayed out of his threat ranges. Or so I thought...

Bloodtrackers are just a LITTLE bit outside of Baldur's no-blast-damage bubble.

Khador Turn 2:

Josh scooched up and got ready to have a staring contest with me.

Behemoth was out of range of the Bloodtrackers, but he tried to drift a couple AOEs onto them. I got lucky, and they both missed.

He did put counter-charge up.

Circle Turn 2:

Josh had left the Juggernaut in range of the Bloodtrackers. I decided to try to chisel one of the hard-hitters away from his wall of armor.

Druids went first and knocked the Juggernaut down. They also knocked another Juggernaut down, then pushed him away from the flag so I'd be able to hold the flag if I could kill the Juggernaut.

Baldur had already put Stone Skin on the Bloodtrackers in anticipation of this event, so the Bloodtrackers started throwing. They did about 33 damage, which is slightly below average.

Wrath went next and sent a boosted shot into the Juggernaut, killing it (1/3).

Sentry Stone unit ran up to control the flag.

Baldur put a forest up on the left to help shelter the Bloodtrackers. 

Sentry Stone on the right helped to shelter that side.

I scored a point.

Score: 1-0, advantage Circle.

Nice, got a Juggernaut!

Khador Turn 3:

Josh got tricky and trampled with this Kodiak through the forest and killed my Sentry Stone there.

A Juggernaut on the right charged and killed my Sentry Stone.

Clamjack on the right moved up BTB with the flag to start scoring.

Juggernaut on the left shuffled back away from the Bloodtrackers.

He scored one.

Score: 1-1

I have an opportunity here...

Circle Turn 4:

I could take out three heavies this turn if I rolled average.

IF. Heh.

First, the Druids knocked some jacks over, as per usual.

Bloodtrackers ran up, and rolled just enough to take out the Juggernaut's cortex, leaving it on about 3 boxes.

Baldur POPPED HIS FEAT and cycled Stone Skin onto Megalith.

Megalith charged the nearby Juggernaut. On average dice, Megalith w/ Stone Skin charging a Khador heavy does about 40 damage. He did about 30 damage, taking out the Cortex on him as well. 

Wrath charged into the Kodiak. On average, he also does about 40 damage in this situation. Instead he did SIGNIFICANTLY less, and didn't take out any systems.

So, average (or slightly lower, even) dice needed on three separate jacks. None of them died. *huge sigh*

Score: 1-1

Wouldn't it just look better if there were 3 fewer jacks on the table right now? :)

Khador Turn 5:

Josh saw a good opportunity, and loaded the Kodiak up with fury.

Karchev then POPPED HIS FEAT.

Kodiak then went NUTS on the Wrath, taking about half of the Wrath's hit boxes. 

Behemoth took even more, but only after getting the "13" he needed to snipe my Blackclad who was contesting the flag.

Megalith took some damage too, though the Juggernaut on the far left missed his attacks.

Josh scored again.

Score: 2-1, advantage Khador

What a mess...

Circle Turn 5:

Kind of a repeat of the last turn.

Druids knock jacks down.

Megalith finished off his Juggernaut (2/3).

Bloodtrackers finished off their Juggernaut (3/3).

Wrath finished off the Kodiak.

Shifting Stones contested the rightmost flag.

Baldur grew a forest to protect Megalith from Behemoth.

Score: 2-1, advantage Khador.

My feat is still up, apparently.

Khador Turn 6:

Behemoth moved up and put some damage on the Wrath.

Karchev and Mechanics moved up to try and start scoring again soon.

Clamjack on the left still doesn't have a good blast target, since the Bloodtrackers are protected from blast damage. He just stays put.

Score: 2-1, advantage Khador.

Can't believe my Bloodtrackers have lived this long!

Circle Turn 6:

Druids moved up and killed some Mechanics blocking the way from Megalith to Behemoth. They also knocked Behemoth down, for fun.

Megalith charged Behemoth, and Karchev counter-charged Megalith. He did NOT knock out any aspects though, luckily for me.

Megalith then finally rolled average and killed Behemoth.

Baldur cycled Stone Skin to the Wrath. 

Wrath charged in and did some damage to the Clamjack, but didn't quite kill it.

Score: 2-1, advantage Khador.

I think I'm camping 0, so not sure why I didn't take all 4 attacks with the Wrath. Ah well.
Khador Turn 7:

Lol, this is going a lot of turns.

Clamjack walked away from the Wrath, and my free strike MISSED! He exploded and killed half of the Bloodtrackers.

Karchev killed Megalith, then used his 3" move to get on the flag on the right.

Clamjack on the right then punched both Shifting Stones to death, and Karchev scored another point.

Score: 3-1, advantage Khador.

This game has far too many turns...

Circle Turn 7:

I needed to get the Wrath over to contest the flag, or it would be game over.

Druids finished off the Mechanics.

Bloodtrackers finished off the Clamjack.

Wrath ran to exactly 4" away from the flag on the right.

Baldur ran (again!) to the flag on the left to score.

Score: 3-2, advantage Khador.

Can Karchev kill the Wrath?

Khador Turn 8:

Karchev and the Clamjack tried to, but couldn't, kill the Wrath. 

Score: 3-3, advantage Circle.

Circle Turn 8:

I thought about killing his objective (it was already almost dead), but decided to just have the Wrath punch Karchev.

Druids did their thing and knocked Karchev down.

Wrath got a couple HUGE damage spikes early (Dice +3), and killed Karchev easily.

The game ended.

Game 3 Results: Win for Circle Orboros!!

Post-game thoughts:

Josh is a really good player. I was lucky to have that huge forest in the middle of the table this game. It really stopped him from being able to pressure me too much, and gave me the initiative.

I did have some pretty bad rolls. But, that's part of the game. I got the rolls I needed, so I guess to complain about them would be a little ungrateful.

Leighanna (I butchered your name again, didn't I), Josh's fiancée, told him he needed to make a sad face for the blog. Josh was a great sport, and actually did it!

Poor guy :(

Always lucky to get a win vs. Josh! Thanks for the great game Josh, I'm sure you'll destroy me next time :)

At any rate the last laugh was Josh's.


Sam's Legion lost to Convergence.
Chad's Retribution lost to Cryx.
Daniels Trolls lost to Cygnar.
Andy stopped playing once he found out we had lost.

Josh and I have too big of egos to stop playing just because the game no longer meant anything. We kept playing to the bitter (Turn 8) end :)


Post-tournament thoughts:

Well, losing is never fun, but I enjoyed the event. I got zero prize support (it was all raffles - you earned raffle tickets if you had a fully painted army, and had all your arcs painted. I got the max number of tickets (9) and didn't win any of the 30+ prizes. The guy next to me had 3 tickets and won twice. Heh. :)  ), but it was still a good event. 

We got no recognition for making it to the finals, but I'm going to take this opportunity to claim SECOND PLACE FOR ADVENTURER'S QUARTER!

It was a very fun event, and I'll hopefully make it to the next one!

What's next:

I have like 3 tournaments in February I can choose from. The one I want to go to I can't, unfortunately.

I wish I had the money to go to LVO or other big events, but I'm pretty poor. Feel free to send me money if you want! I'll do good battle reports for all my games :)

Lol, as far as casters go, I'm just at an impasse. Tanith may be my future, but I'm really hoping for a Wolf Sworn theme force so I can run Grayle. I also now own Kromac2, so once I buy the Storm Raptor, I will be trying that silly list out.

Kaya3 also looks intriguing. 

Sorry folks, Una2 just doesn't really appeal to me. At least, not as a 10-griffon caster. 

Really hoping Grayle or Kaya3 or Kromac2 will pair will with him.

Now I'm just rambling. Thanks for reading, hope you got some use out of it!

Yol bolsun!

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