Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warmachine Batrep 26: Circle (Baldur1) vs. Retribution (Vyros2) 50 Points, lots of pictures!

Howdy, folks! Another day, another report! I got this game in last Thursday, but things have been a little crazy in my world, and I only now have some time to actually write up the game.

Actually, I got in a 2nd game as well (Issyria vs. Morv2), but I won't be reporting it, as:

1)My phone for some reason only kept 3 of the pictures from the game

2)I had Issyria on the ropes - not much she could do, when I forgot a simple light cavalry move, which allowed Eiyriss3 to shoot Morv's 4 camped fury off, which let the mage hunter assassins shoot her to death, despite elevation.

Not really an exciting game, especially when you can't see the pictures for it. Just suffice it to say that Don did beat me fair and square, but you won't be getting a report for it :)

Moving on to this game though, let's set the stage just a little bit. After the break.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #25: IMC Tournament Report - 50 points, three casters (Circle - Morv2, Krueger2, Cassius) (with pictures!)

NOT my picture - I stole it shamelessly from Facebook. Pretty awesome kid!
Last weekend (September 13, specifically), I went to the Inter-Mountain Cup (IMC) in Ogden, Utah. The IMC is a Masters-style tournament that happens twice every year in the same area (it can apparently change venues, so long as said venue is near to Salt Lake). It has 64 people attend it every year, and it's a 1-day event.

Let's say that again.

It's a 1-day event. That means 6 total games of Warmachine without a single break, even for dinner. You play 6 games straight.

This was my first Masters event, and I brought Circle (my only army). Lists and such after the break.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #24: SR Tournament Report - 50 points, two casters (Circle - Morv2 + Krueger2) (with pictures!)

Howdy, everyone! Today I have a tournament report from a local(ish) Steamroller event I attended last Saturday. This was my 3rd tournament since I've gotten back into the game, and would be great practice for the IMC next weekend.

I only own Circle, so that was obviously going to be my faction. However, I've been toying with several different lists and casters. I finally decided on Krueger2 and Morvahna2 as my two casters, since they're two of my three casters I will be taking to IMC next weekend (Cassius being my 3rd). Lists and reports after the jump!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #23: Circle (Cassius) vs. Syntherion, Rasheth, Irusk2 (3 games total)

It's Rasheth!
Howdy, folks! Another few reports today. I'm sorry to say that I do not have any reports from Tacticon, because Tacticon didn't happen. The events were canceled, and though I was very disappointed about it and the details surrounding it, I have decided not to dwell on it, and will give you no further information on the subject :)

The good news is that because Tacticon failed me, I was able to convince my wife into letting me go to a tournament this coming weekend in Denver. Should be fun. Then, the weekend after that, I will be going to the IMC. This ties in directly with why I'm writing these reports - I just wanted some experience with Cassius. Let's do the jump, after which I will explain a little better.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #22: 50 Points Circle (Krueger2) vs. Skorne (Xerxis1) (with pictures!)

Xerxes, not Xerxis. Spelled it wrong up til today!
Howdy, folks! Another day, another report! Today I faced off against Leighanna (did I spell it right? My spell check says that I am clearly trying to spell "Ghanaian" haha) and her Skorne. She's still somewhat new to the faction, but has been playing for far longer than I have! Her stuff is getting painted at a pretty brisk pace, and I was excited to play against Xerxis1 again - he's a fun caster, and he does some pretty cool stuff.

In preparation for the upcoming tournament this weekend, I played Krueger2 again. I don't know if you've noticed, but he's been my go-to caster for a while now. Lots of fun to be had with him for a guy like me who loves scenario play. It may sound a little crazy, but I honestly feel like he might be a stronger overall caster than Morv2, due to the fact that he doesn't have any awful matchups. Time will tell if this is correct of course :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #21: 50 Points Circle (assorted casters) vs. Trolls, Everblight, and Retribution (6 games total!)

One of the lists I faced was RoW...
Time for even more battle reports! I can't get enough of them, apparently! Last Saturday I got in 6 games. I took pictures for them all, and intend to write up reports for all of them. Let's get some back story first though. Maybe it's not actually back story exactly, but perhaps some context?

I have several tournaments coming up in the next couple weeks. This coming weekend is Tacticon, where I will play two different tournaments: Hardcore and a Divide and Conquer Steamroller. The Hardcore event has timed turns going 7 minutes for each turn, 50 points. Divide and Conquer I intend to play Morv2 and Krueger2 as my list pairings.

THEN, on September 13, I have the Intermountain Cup (IMC). It's a 6-game masters (meaning I need to use 3 lists) event ALL IN THE SAME DAY. I intend to play Morv2, K2, and Cassius as my list pairing.

This Saturday was intended to help me to practice it all. I wanted 5 or 6 games, wanted a couple of them to be Hardcore, and I wanted to use all 3 of my casters. So, while the games and missions may seem a little strange, I believe that Saturday's practice did an awesome job of giving me some practice for the upcoming events.

Let's jump in.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #20: 50 Points Circle (Krueger2) vs. Khador (Butcher2) (with pictures!)

Well folks, it's that time of week - I played a game last night at the LGS against our clubs heroic PG Josh Nordstrom. He's probably the best player in our club, and as such I love getting games in with him, though he does stomp me more often than not :) You can only get better by playing against good players, and my aim is to keep getting better.

In this case, I had a bonus: Josh was playing his Butcher2 Tier list with a bunch of Doom Reavers. This is awesome, because I am likely to see this sort of list at big events. As usual, I brought Krueger2 to the party, as more and more I am feeling like he will be my Khador drop. Exciting because I feel like there are a few factions I actually understand reasonably well (i.e. what they're trying to do, how they're going to accomplish it, etc.) Let's see what happens!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Warmachine: 4 Months In. A Status Report of Sorts

Howdy, folks! Today I just wanted to give some sort of update on my own State of Orboros. I've had a busy 4 months (I posted THIS four months ago - scroll to the bottom section) involved with Circle. Lots and  lots of models purchased, lots of models painted, and a *ton* of games played. Well, something around 50 I'm guessing. If you count my batreps, that's how many games I've played.  **Edit: I actually went and counted, I've played 44 total games, and written that many reports. Wow. You can find all my battle reports on this blog.

Figured for my own records (and your interest, if interested) that I'd give a recap of what I've done, and what I'm planning on, moving forward.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #19: 50 Points Circle (Cassius, Krueger2) vs. Cryx (Deneghra2) and Skorne (Mordikaar) (with pictures!)

Haha, what a badass. Not my model, btw.
Well folks, today I have two reports to talk about. My first game was against Deneghra2, and I decided I wanted to keep practicing with Cassius vs. Cryx. The next matchup was against Skorne, and I was happy to get some more practice in with Krueger2. Both players have been playing for a long time, and I was excited to finally get some games in after over a week of (admittedly awesome) vacation, where I didn't get any games in.

Let's dive in.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #18: 50 Points Circle (Cassius) vs. Cryx (Lich3, different Lich3, Goreshade3) (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! Today I've got three games for you, all of which I played in the same day, against two different people. All of them are against Cryx, in an attempt to show me some (but not all) of the power available to Cryx.

In turn, I have wanted to get some games in against Cryx for a while now, as my only recent experience against non-Lich1 Cryx was against Denny2, which kind of rocked my world. While I learned some things from that game, the thing I learned most was that I knew next to nothing about how good Cryx can be.

So, I asked my friend James to give me a tutorial of sorts on how the faction worked, and Sam (the guy who destroyed me with Denny2) decided to come down and play a game as well. For my part, I was playing with Cassius, whom I had only played with once before. I'm hoping to get a working Cassius list together for any Masters events I might play in, and would love this to be my Cryx drop. I figured this was a good opportunity to get some practice in with him :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #17: 50 Points Circle (Cassius, Kreuger2) vs. Skorne (Makeda2) and Khador (Sorscha2) (with pictures!)

This... is Cassius. Pre-Wurmwood, apparently.
Howdy, folks! Busy weekend for me, Warmachine-wise. On Saturday, I got two games in against the guy who gave me a drubbing in my last report (Josh) and his girlfriend (Leighanna). Sunday I played 3 more games in Denver, with the aim of learning about Cryx.

This report is for my first two games. I'll have another one up later, but I'll save that, since I'm going on vacation soon and won't be playing for over a week (*gasp*) and don't want to leave you all hanging for that long. Two should be enough to sate the three or so people who actually read this blog at any rate :)

My first game was actually against Leighanna's Skorne. She had gotten tired of eHexeris, and didn't feel like pulling out Xerxes either, so she asked if Makeda2 was alright. I'm not opposed to playing against Mak2, but I play her often, as she's my buddy Vince's favorite caster. However, she promised me that she took different stuff than Vince does, and I was likely just fine about it regardless, since I wanted to try my new Cassius list out anyways.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #16: 50 Points Circle (Kreuger2) vs. Khador (Butcher3) (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! Today I have a game or two against the vaunted Butcher3! I've been looking for a game against him for a while now, and I finally got it, against my friend Josh Nordstrom, who is also a the local PG and a mighty fine player!

After my most recent event's surprising results, I've decided that Baldur2 theme force, while reasonably good, is a little too boring for my tastes. As such, I've always known that I would be going back to Kreuger2 as one of my "main" casters, simply because I am in my very essence an objectives/scenario-minded player. He's great at that, and has a few fun tricks that makes him an extremely viable caster. I do need some practice with him, though :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #15: SR Tournament Report - 50 points, two casters (Circle- Morv2 + Baldur2) (with pictures!)

Bigger picture later in the report!
Howdy, everyone! Last weekend I went to a Warmachine tournament in Laramie, WY. It had 8 people attend, and I brought Circle Orboros.

I had initially wanted to take Baldur1 and Kreuger2, but I didn't have enough models painted, nor enough time to finish them all. Instead, I went for my already mostly-painted Morv2 list, and my incidentally-almost-painted Baldur2. It made sense as a list pairing, though I would have preferred Baldur1 + Kreuger2 for this particular event. Ah well. At least I got some experience with Morv2, who will more than likely make my 3-list Master's pairing.

Lists and pictures and reports after the jump!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #14: 50 Points Circle (Baldur2) vs. Skorne (Hexeris2) (with pictures!)

So much win.
What's up, folks! I got a random (i.e. unexpected) game in at the LGS yesterday, and figured I'd post it up. I also have my lists for the tournament tomorrow that I wanted to clue you (and everyone who reads this blog and wants to meta me) in on them.

Really, just a fun post all around, despite it only being one report for one of the more boring casters in Circle.

However, it will be about 98% painted models (of mine), so that'll be fun, plus you'll get to see a sneak peak of one of my lists in action, which is also fun.

Also, check this coin out! I won it in 2010 at BoLSCON (which became Wargamescon, which is now Texas Games Con. I even wrote a really quick battle report for it. Fun to read it now and think "man, I know so much more than that now".

Here's the link to it, if interested. It's actually really close to the top.

LOL at "eldrazi assassins"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #13: 5 Games! 50 Points Circle (various casters) vs. Trolls, Convergence, and Retribution (with pictures!)

Wow, last Saturday I played 5 games of Warmachine. It's incredible how many games you can actually play if you use a tournament clock - it keeps players focused, and gets turns done much quicker on average than they would normally be able to. I didn't even start in the morning - sometime around 2 pm, and ended at midnight, with meals included. Pretty awesome, all told :)

I've been seeking a tournament list pairing for a tournament this coming Saturday, at 50 points. I want to make sure my lists are entirely painted for it, and as such, I have (much to my chagrin - believe me) opted for taking eMorv since her list is already so close to being fully painted. My other list, including Baldur1 and Baldur2 (since they're both so close to being painted as well) are the other two lists in question.

So, those are the lists I brought to the shop. I decided to get some practice with eMorv as well, since I'd be using her next week. Let's see what kind of madness ensued.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #12: 50 Points Circle (Mohsar) vs. Cygnar (Nemo1) (with pictures!)

Today, I bring you a SINGLE batrep today. No awesome double-header as usual. I'm sorry - I started a game against eHexeris (different Skorne player than last report), and it was looking like it would be a good game, but an unexpected call came for my opponent, who (for reasons I will not state) needed to leave immediately. 100% fine with it - my opponent shared the reason with me, and I was mostly just sad I couldn't do anything to help.

SO, I had to find another opponent, and had no time for a 2nd game! DOH!

However, I did get a game in with Mohsar, which is something you don't often see a batrep for. So, just take your prize and try to be content with it :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #11: 50 Points Circle vs. Skorne - Kreuger2 and Baldur1 vs. Makeda2 (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! Just another Battle Report for some games I got in the other day. I'm just testing things out and slowly getting stuff painted, trying to get my lists ready for a 50-point tournament on July 26, and eventually gearing up for what I assume will be a fun (yet shameful) Feast of Blades.

That's right folks, I've decided to take the plunge - instead of playing 40k at Feast like in years past (I actually won the 40k tournament one year, and am therefore auto-qualified for all "finals" events for 40k), I will be playing an entirely different game system. For better or worse, I will be attending a major con for reasons other than 40k.


These lists are representative of my efforts to get ready for FoB, having 3 full 50-point lists completely painted and ready, and potentially even getting a 4th list ready for Hardcore. Instead of practicing with "CrutchVahna", I'm working on other lists that I think may pair well with her in a 3-caster setting. I'm actually going to attempt an article talking about my own approach to pairings in the future, but for now, here are two reports :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #10: 50 points Circle vs. Retribution - Baldur1 vs Rhan and Krueger2 vs. Ossyan (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! More reports, because I'm loving Warmachine lately, and I tend to learn more about games when I write reports and analyze what I'm doing wrong/awesome. My last reports featured a fully painted army, and I'm sorry to say that these reports have reverted back to using unpainted models. However, you'll be happy to note that I have continued to paint, finishing off Megalith, as well as three Wold Watchers recently. Next up are probably Druids or Wold Stalkers :)

At any rate, there's a tournament in Laramie, WY I intend on attending at the end of July. Two 50-point lists are what we're doing, and as such, I will hopefully be fully painted for that. These reports are actually an attempt to find a good pairing for Circle which doesn't depend on Morv2. Don't want her to be "CrutchVahna", after all!

So, I went down to Laramie to play my friend Don, who is currently working on Retribution lists. Let's see what happens, after the break.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #9: SR Tournament Report - 35 points, single caster (Circle, Morv2) (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! It's been a while in coming, but I finally have my Steamroller Tournament report up! This was over a week ago (June 21, 2014), but stuff has gotten in the way of my (all-important) blogging, and therefore I am only now getting it up. Believe it or not, I'm still planning on getting a short Adepticon report up for my last 6th edition 40k tournament, but that day is not today.

I took Circle, as it's my only army. I wasn't sure what to expect - I've been to Warmachine tournaments before, but it's been about 3 or 4 years since I went to one. I worked hard, painted everything (well, the Skinwalkers weren't quite done, but honestly still looked decent), and showed up with a silly Morv2 list! Mostly, I wished I had Reeves and War Wolves, but I owned the Wolves of Orboros (WoO), and wanted an excuse to paint them up. Guess we should go to the jump now.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #8: Circle Morv2 vs. Menoth Harby, Circle Kaya1, Mercs Bart 35 Points - Grow League Week 6 (with pictures!)

Howdy, folks! Another three batreps from the FINAL NIGHT OF GROW LEAGUE!! This iteration of grow league stayed at 35 points, but this time we had zero restrictions. People could take whatever caster they wanted, with whatever list they wanted. Because we have a tournament coming up (single caster, 35 points), I've been dithering over what the best 'all-comers' list at 35 points is.

My choice ended up being Morvahna2, despite the hate she's been getting lately. I think that Kreuger2 would also be a good choice, though I'm not sure (as in, I just don't know enough to give an honest opinion) that he can really do everything he wants at 35 points. Morv2 at 35 points seems pretty strong, if you bring the right models. As such, I've been working to paint as many models as I can for the Morv2 list, and thought it would be nice to get in a few games before the tournament um, tomorrow.