Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feast of Blades is over

Pretty fun day, I'm beat.  That beer afterwards did me in.  Three great games, three great opponents.  I got to play Sir Biscuit from 3++ in the first round, with his Vendetta/Plasma spam list.  Then I got to play a Vulkan mech gunline list with a ton of S7.  And after that, a capture and control mission against my worst nightmare in that scenario:  Skimmer Eldar.  Not my day for favorable matchups, certainly.  Then again, what should I have expected, playing against people who had all won three of their previous games in order to qualify?

Anyways, I have lots of pictures, and I won't spoil my end result for those of you who want to read the battle reports a little later.  It'll be in the next couple days hopefully.

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