Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adepticon Change of Plans

Well, the time comes in every hobbyist's life when you just have to shake your head, and admit:  "There's no way we can paint 4000 points of Orks + their display boards in a single month.  Just not gonna happen."

Which is what we recently did.  Our orks are all assembled, and about 40 of them are actually painted.  The others... well, it turns out nobody cared enough to work hard or fast enough to actually get them done in time.  Ah well, we can always do them next year.  (right, lol)

That does however mean that I have Saturday free for Adepticon.

What this means for me, is that I'm now sitting 8th on the waiting list for the Fantasy Championships, which play at 2200 points.  I'm not sure at all if I'll actually get into it, but I'm already all painted for it, so not a huge deal one way or another.  At the very least, I'll get wander around the con getting drunk and breaking other people's models.  With luck though, I'll get to play Fantasy.  I can do the other stuff any other day :)

For those of you wondering, here are my Adepticon plans:

  • Friday is 40k Championships.  I'd dearly love to 'qualify' for day 2 on Sunday, but the odds of me (or anyone, really) winning 4 games in a row, all against undefeated opponents, are not too amazing.  
  • Saturday is hopefully Fantasy Championships.  It's only one day, with 4 games.  I'm sure I'll fail hard, but really, that's alright.  More Fantasy games will help me become a better player :)
  • Sunday is hopefully Day 2 of the 40k Championships.  More likely though, it's a 35 point Warmachine tournament.  I'll likely be taking Circle, though my Cryx might be ready by them instead.  We'll just see.
I get to play all three miniatures games that I play!  Plus I'll get to see lots of guys from the 'tournament circuit' from around the country I've met and haven't seen for a long time.

 Cool, well that's about it.  With about a month to go, Adepticon is not far away at all.  I'm excited :)


Nikephoros said...

Why do I have a feeling that if you play in the Fantasy Championships I'll be matched up with you? Hot, steamy, chariot on chariot action.

Xaereth said...

haha, that would be pretty epic. A duel for the ages.

Should be fun to see how you do though- you've been kicking ass in your battle reports/play testing thus far. Hopefully that translates into a W or 4 for you at Adepticon.

If I can get in, it'll be fun to get crushed, but learn more stuff about the game itself.