Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feast of Blades Results

Yesterday I went to the statewide competition Feast of Blades (heh, almost spelled it 'fest' of blades, which is as apt a description as any, I suppose).  It's kind of a cool concept- each LGS in the state of Colorado holds a qualifier tournament, in which people play against each other in an attempt to qualify for the 'finals' that will come two weeks later.  Only two from each shop can qualify.

The prize support for the 'main event' is apparently pretty amazing, including lots of free stuff for every participant, as well as the winner getting a banner painted by Jawaballs, among other things.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  At least, for the most part.

Yesterday was the prelim 'qualifier' round, and it was a doozy.  My LGS has such a high density of quality players that I felt like there were at least 6 or 7 people who could easily go to the Feast and compete.  For example, at the big (only) state GT we recently played at, from my LGS came:  Best Overall, Best General (2nd overall... me), 3rd overall, 6th overall, and a couple finishes just over top 10.  Out of a 70 person club, that's a ridiculously high rate of quality.  And all of those people were at my qualifier.

I was matched up against Blob Guard, Fatecrusher, and Battlewagon/Ghaz Orks.  Every game was pretty rough.  Seriously, the density of quality play at my LGS can't be understated.  I felt like this tournament was more difficult than Genghis was for me.

In the end, I won all three games, though one win wasn't quite as convincing as the others, and I ended up with Best General instead of Best Overall.  I was sort of confused as to what/how exactly painting was scored, but I think they in the end just kind of disregarded it.

I could have raised a big fuss about it I suppose, but it wasn't really worth the hassle.  I like winning as much as any man, but the prize support was pretty sad across the board anyways (unless the overall got lots more than me- I got $25 for a tournament that cost me $15 to enter), and the main goal of the tournament was to qualify for the big event anyways.

The 'main' event doesn't have an entry fee or anything, so it's all good. 

Anyways, I'll have a full tournament report complete with pictures, feelings about missions, etc. up a little later, and probably on Jawaball's blog.  For now, you'll have to content yourselves with a few random pictures.

My qualifier certificate thingy

It's the start of the Kabal of Awesomesauce.  Another 9 groups of boxes like this, and the army will be done, lol.
Guess I should tell you what army I used- not that it'll surprise anyone.  *drum roll*

.... Wolfstar.  It's almost the exact list I used at BoLSCON, bar a few tweaks of the Wolfstar unit itself.  One way or another, the army keeps doing well.

Anyways, more random thoughts on Dark Eldar coming up soon hopefully, and other fun stuff.  I just found out 'Ard Boyz for Fantasy starts in April- 4 Hydras anyone?


Ulven said...

This has got me thinking about Ard Boyz too. I may actually be able to field an army! Still got about 1500pts to put together for my 4500pt horde-not sure if I have the combat potency to go up against 4 hydras though, haha!

David Boucher said...

Did the 2nd overall not want to go on to the finals? Or did they make Best General and 2nd overall the same?

The missions were dumb. Straight up.

I missed my ticket to the next round by the most amazing last minute luck from my opponent in the last game. Nothing like watching 6 S4 attacks killing off 3 FNP terminators :O

Good luck at the finals. You will have some steep competition from the Springs at least.

Xaereth said...

Ulven: haha, awesome man. Is it all painted already? I've never met anyone who could paint even as close to as well as you as quickly as you paint, so I wouldn't be surprised :)

And as to the hydras, they're good in combat, but since blocks are stubborn, it takes a lot more out of a Hydra to be able to chew his way through a big horde!

Dave: It was actually pretty ironic. They called me 'best general' because I got second in battle points, and the 'best overall' got the most battle points. If we had actually used painting as part of the criteria, I would have had the 'best overall' spot, but as it was, I didn't. Pretty weird. Ah well.

As to the luck, man that sucks. FNP termies sometimes die far easier than you would think they should, though 6 S4 attacks shouldn't have done even close to that awesome, unless they were power.

Who qualified from the Springs? Kenny + someone else I'm guessing?

Zachary said...

battle reports?

Xaereth said...

Zach: heh, they'll be up eventually. I like to write them up for my own records at the very least. This time I'm contemplating putting them up on the Jawablog. One way or another, they'll be up sometime this week. Can't promise on when.

Your list critique is coming up as well this week...

David Boucher said...

No power weapons :(

Ken and Tulio

Kyle said...

I can actually clarify some of this. There was some initial confusion over the painting scores and how to incorporate them, especially since we had two sets of judges, and there was discussion as to which scores to use. Adam was the second overall (but we called 'Best General' since prize support was left up to the store), Rain was first overall. I'm still recording numbers to submit the official reporting, and if there was an error you will have an apology from me.

Xaereth said...

An apology isn't necessary Kyle, regardless of results. Sure, a little extra prize support money would be nice, but that wasn't the point of this tournament- qualifying was.

The only reason I'd be concerned would be if they use seeding in the 'Finals', in which case it's a bigger deal. Still not a huge one though.

Kyle said...

I made sure to report accurate scores based on their matrix in case of that possibility.

Commander_Vimes said...

According the the Feast of Blades site, matchings at the final tournament are randomly determined and have no bearing on how you finished in the qualifying round.