Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's going on in my 40k life

Well folks, I've been posting up random lists/tactics/ideas for a while, but I haven't really talked about my life as a gamer, and what I'm currently trying to do (i.e. my current goals/aspirations/bullshit).  So that's what this is about- not a whole lot of 'how to become uber' content today.  Mostly, I want people to be up to speed on what I'm doing, so they can understand the relevance of some of my posts.

So, where to begin.  I guess I'll start with tournaments, since tournaments are the primary reason I play 40k.  There are a few tournaments going on soon, as in 2 in the next 3 weekends.  They are:
  • Feast of Blades Finals on March 19 (this Saturday)
  • Adepticon on March 31st (well, that's when I leave for Adepticon anyways)
The Feast of Blades is a 2000 point tournament.  You can find info on how I did in my qualifiers here.  Suffice it to say that I qualified, and will be bringing roughly the same list to this tournament.

Adepticon is a little bit bigger, though I'll still be bringing the Wolfstar albeit an 1850 list instead for the champtionships.  Likely tweaks include:  taking
out a squad of Longfangs.  Simplest tweak anyways.  We'll see what happens.  Other events planned for Adepticon include the Fantasy Championships on Saturday, and Warmachine/Hordes on Sunday if I don't qualify.

After those, I have BoLSCON in July, Throne of Skulls (Fantasy, Dark Elves) in June (if I choose to go), and the Nova in August.  For these tournaments I would like to have my Dark Eldar ready.  Which brings me to my next topic:


Right now I'm working my ass off on getting Dark Eldar ready for 'tournament season'.  I want a good competitive list to be worked out and purchased in its entirety about a month out from my first major tournament (BoLSCON).  Skimmer heavy, with lots of Venoms, I've been toying with the idea of using lots of Reavers and some Beasts to go along with Hellions, and small scoring squads of Warriors.  Here's a link to my latest list.

Other than that, I'm also slowly working on my Cryx for Warmachine, though who knows (or likely cares) about when they'll be done.  Just a side project.  Nothing too crazy.  It's hard to be motivated to paint for a system that doesn't reward you for painted models in tournaments.  Unless you get 'best painted single model' (which isn't likely), you don't get anything for it.  Who wants to play in Hardcore tournaments anyways?  lol


I'm currently trying to write both for this blog and for Jawaballs.  It's pretty tricky to find time to do good articles for both, and still find time to game, paint, and do homework/go to school/spend time with my wife/other real life things.  As it is, I'm barely pumping out more than an article every 2 weeks for the Jawaman.  I'm trying to get at least a short post in almost every day on this blog, excluding weekends.  It's tricky work, and putting together solid articles is the work of hours, not minutes.

What sorts of things would you like to see more of on this blog?

Thinking about a lot lately:

-I've been playing around with the idea of taking a missile launcher out of each squad of my wolfstar, and replacing it with another power fist in each Grey Hunter squad, netting me 5 fist attacks from each squad when I charge.  I have the models mostly painted, it's just the question of how much impact that'll make.  Probably enough to warrant it in a 2000 point game.  Not sure if I feel like getting it ready for the Feast of Blades on Saturday or not though.

-Dark Eldar Beastmaster squad is another thing I've been contemplating.  Frankly, I love razorwing flocks, and you can make the squad pretty darn annoying to get rid of.  For 161 points, they seem like a steal (4 razorwings, 5 of the 4++ invuln guys, 3 beastmasters).  I just need to find a way to work them into my list.  Gonna be tight, and every warrior squad I take out reduces my ability to mess with IG, which is frankly the army I'm most worried about.  Still, razorwings have:
  • 5 wounds
  • 5 attacks
  • Rending
  • I5
They don't have FNP, but 5 wounds per model makes the squad pretty tricky to deal with.  If they get shot at with S6, the Khymerae can soak up a little at least with a 4++ invuln.  They also have the ability to rend (though S3) the heck out of transports in combat.

-Grey Knights are looking cool.  I really want an assassin-themed army.  Vindicare assassins coupled with Death Cult Assassins in droves could really be fun :)

So, there you have it folks. That's my current life as a gamer.  Pretty humble, everyday stuff from me.  Still, it's doing something I love, and I'm excited for what the hobby has to offer me this Tournament Season.

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to let me know :)


Thor said...

Best of luck at the tournaments you're heading to. I really wish I lived closer to where the big events are. For some reason they don't hold huge 40K tournaments in Maine...go figure!

Xaereth said...

Thanks man! Yeah, not really very many huge events where I'm from either, though it's been getting better lately.

Adepticon is a 15-hour drive for me though. Pretty brutal, but still much cheaper than flying. Big events are a lot of fun though- I highly recommend trying one out!

BoLSCON was my first, and it was a blast! You should come down this summer, Austin is the shit, and the BoLS guys do a pretty good job!

Zachary said...

I feel sorry for BA players, the vindicare assassins will make their priests and librarians (if taken out of their metal box/jumpers) cry.

Caldera02 said...

Adam, See you at adepticon when you face my Dark Eldar :P