Monday, March 28, 2011

This week on Delusions of Grandeur

Hey Folks!  How's the day?  Figured I'd give a little bit of an update for me, since this last week was essentially:  Battle Report.  This week is a big one for me.  The Adepticon 40k Championships are going down this weekend, and a couple friends and I are headed up to
Chi-town for possibly the biggest gaming event in the world, and likely to be tied for the biggest singles tournament in the country.  I won't deny that I'd like to win this tournament very, very much. 

I also won't deny that I'm extremely unlikely to win the whole thing, even if the dice behave.  I've had lots of tournament success, but to win 8 games in a row is incredibly difficult- especially when (to win the whole thing) every game is against someone who is also undefeated.  Add into that equation the fact that a ton of the people who take this hobby extremely seriously are all traveling down to display their awesomesauce are going to be there in force, and whoever wins this tournament is going to have a lot of notches on his/her belt.  I'm excited :)
I might also be playing in the Fantasy Championship, since our poor Ork army for the team tournament kind of fell through in a big (enormous) way.  The Fantasy is at 2200 points I think, and I'm still on the waitlist (I started at #7, like a month ago).  So, we'll see how that goes.  Expect a win, a draw, and 2 losses, one of those being by massacre, lol.  Still, I'll have battle reports with pictures, along with commentary on what I personally think I did wrong.  If I get in.  Otherwise, I'll get lots of pictures of random awesomeness on Saturday, while I get drunk, lol.

I'm leaving on Wednesday (well, early early Thursday), but should have a few posts ready to auto-post throughout the week, and maybe even the weekend.  Some things to look forward to:

  • An article I've been working on for a while- the value of transports in an assaulting army, and what their role should be.
  • Email!  I have a few of them piled up, and I need to give some responses.  Thanks for your patience.
  • WIP on my Deldar.  I'm getting some work done, somehow.  Seriously, listen to Wheel of Time on 'audible' (a website you can download audible books for cheap).  You'll want to paint all the time!
  • Guess that's about it.  If my room has internets in Chicago, I'll let you know how the first day or two went.  If not, you can just wait for me to post on the Tuesday after (since I'll be driving all day Monday).
  • Excitement on how the Nuggets keep doing awesome, and how they're going to make the rest of the NBA their bitch come playoffs (not very likely that I'll talk about it here, actually :(  )
Hope you have a great week!


Thor said...

Again, best of luck!

WoT on audio while painting? Those are two things that require lots of focus. If you can paint well and still get all of WoT while doing it, props to you.

Ulven said...

Considering the next two games are against the Kings, we're in a good spot right now, let's go Nuggets! ;)

Anyways, I've got my fingers crossed for you for Adepticon - if anyone can pull it off you can!

Sorry to hear the Ork project fell through. It was a great idea to begin with, however I can understand the time constraints involved with getting so many models completed.

I expect a lot of pictures from the tournament - here's hoping that I can join you guys next year :)

Xaereth said...

Thor: Heh, I need something in the background, painting is much too boring for me to just sit there and paint without something else. Wheel of Time is easy enough, and I've already read the books, so if I need to concentrate, I don't miss anything too important. Plus, I'm not an AMAZING painter... maybe above average but certainly don't spend like 6 hours on each model. The level of concentration needed isn't too crazy. You should try it :)

Ulven: Yeah dude, that would be awesome if you can go next year! Heh, we could use a fast (and really good) painter on the team- Angry Richard isn't what I'd call fast. He's still painting his orks this week, and need to paint... you guessed it: ALL of the orks. :-p

As to the Nuggets- they better win these two against the Kings! After that, they have a ROUGH schedule for the rest of the season. Lakers, OKC x2, Mavs, and Utah. Hopefully we can come out of it with the #5, and the Spurs stay injured for Round 2!

Zachary said...

Good Luck!

Black Blow Fly said...

Good luck Adam ! I'm sure you'll do very well.

: )


Brooke said...

Best of Luck to you! Drive safely and kick some serious ass! Or at least get drunk and heckle everyone else during important moments. Love you!

Xaereth said...

Haha how many people's sister read their blog? Love ya too Brookeface :)