Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something the Internets have never seen: a Grey Knights list :-o

What's up folks?  How's the blogosphere treating you today?  It's pretty good here on my side- I leave for Adepticon tomorrow, along with lots of other bloggers around the world (well, at least the States).  So, you're in for a somewhat boring time this weekend, though I'm sure the material that will be produced from the events will make the lack of reading material worth it.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about the Grey Knight list I think looks fun (and soulless/spammy) but able to potentially outshoot most other armies, and still have decent close combat prowess.  I suppose we can go into details after the list, here's what I'm thinking though:

2000 points of Awesomesauce

(The piece of shit) Crowe
Librarian w/ like ... 5 powers.  Maybe 6.

5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds, Razorback w/ Psy-ammo (this squad only costs 199!)
5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds, Razorback w/ Psy-ammo
5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds, Razorback w/ Psy-ammo
5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds, Razorback w/ Psy-ammo
5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds, Razorback w/ Psy-ammo
5x Terminators w/ Brotherhood Banner, Psycannon, MC Demonhammer

Dreadnought w/ TLAC + Psy-ammo (as per standard, lol)
Dreadnought w/ TLAC + Psy-ammo
Dreadnought w/ TLAC + Psy-ammo

So, let's do some numbers recaps first:

40 S4 'normal' shots
15 S6 Twin-linked 36" shots
44 S7 Rending shots (standing still, 22 moving)
12 S8 Twin-linked 48" shots
16 Kill Points

Plus a librarian that makes your relatively small number of marines beasts in close combat.

Yes, it's a spam list.  No, it's not for sure something I want to build yet.  But it is tempting.  Let's go through the choices one by one.


A necessary evil if I want Purifiers.  He can ride in an empty Razorback, or just come on the board from reserves and hide in cover.  Not adding much.

Libby w/ 5 or 6 powers

Well, people are all about skimping on their Libby powers to 'save points'.  I think this is a fail approach.  If I'm already spending 170 points on a librarian, I may as well spend another 10 or even 20 to make him a consummate badass.  Seriously, the reasons to take a libby are thus:  1) Utility 2) Psychic Defense.  You want him doing his max every turn, and that means 2 spells in each phase if at all possible.  Use him to make your guys good- the extra 5 points is a very cheap payment for tactical flexibility.  I'll put him with (surprise!) the Terminators.

5x Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds

These guys are cheap, and have lots of shooting.  Seriously, if they're firmly planted, 8 S7 (rending!) shots are pretty good, and for super cheap.  Even if the squad dies (many of which will, though with a 3+ cover save from the Libby usually), there are 4 more to replace them.  When charged, the charger gets to take dangerous terrain (again, thanks libby!) then take a bunch of saves from their power (forget what it's called) forcing wounds on everyone on a 4+.  Money.

5x Terminators w/ Brotherhood Banner, Psycannon, MC Demonhammer

These guys are for the Libby to sit in.  People will need to focus fire on them to kill them (which is easy enough, I suppose), but nobody wants to charge them.  They do pretty good, for their point cost.  Just another unit, with less firepower than the rest (though relentless Psycannon is nice), who are harder to kill than the marines.  If people shoot lots at them, the Libby can always plop his ass into a more healthy Purifier squad.  Banner is because I had a few extra points- probably the first thing to get cut, but it makes the Libby better too, and negates some of the sadness of being charged.

Razorback w/ Psy-ammo

This thing costs 50 points for 3 TL S6 shots at good range. I was all excited when I thought of it myself, and then looked on the internets and it's kind of run rampant.  An original idea by me, and now it looks like I copied someone... ah well.  They're still good.  They ignore shaken and stunned too.  Razorbacks can now kill vehicles with their Heavy Bolter.  Pure win, if you ask me.

Dreadnought w/ TLAC + Psy-ammo

I very likely don't need to tell you how good this is.  For 135 points, they can move, shoot, reroll misses, and ignore stunned/shaken.  True, they don't have a template option, and are 'only' AP4, but what this does for the price you pay is remarkable.

So, thoughts?  Tweaks?  Rants about brokenness?  Adulations?

Stay tuned though, I'm also working on an Assassin-themed army, with hopefully less spam (or at least, cooler spam) to be found.  :)


Zachary said...

That is pure awsomesauce, if GK are this, what are the crisis suits/desroyers going to be like? If Tau or Necrons are next, I feel scared. Well, GW will just nerf them and make vespids/flayed ones really good.

Commander_Vimes said...

Stupid scary amounts of Str. 7 Rending, but mostly split among 5 man marines squads. I'm not sure if it's possible to cover all the infantry in the Librarian's bubble in practice, at least not without becoming excessively vulnerable to templates.

It almost feels like Guard. Massive shooting potential, but squishy. First turn is going to be big. You'll really need to blitz the center to set up and suppress enemy vehicles. Losing Razorbacks on the top of 1 really sucks, because it means there's 2 psycannons that will have to spend a turn or two moving before they can start firing.

Also, the Psifle dread is this book's Long Fangs/Hive Guard/Ravager.

Xaereth said...

Yeah Senor Vimes, you have a good points about them being all clustered up. Against some armies that wouldn't matter, but against guard and the like, templates might make this army extremely sad...