Friday, April 1, 2011

Well, I made it to Adepticon (and took some pictures?)

Quick writeup here before I go to bed (though this post will appear sometime around 9 AM, since that's when I can get the most hits :-p

This is before I left, while I was packing.  Three things I always bring with me to cons I'll be staying the night at: 1) My tournament shirt 2) Tums (for all the eating out and lack of sleep) 3) Earplugs because the guy I go with to all of these (CJ) snores extremely loud.  Seriously- it sounds like he's choking to death.  I always bring enough to share with other people who also want to stay with us :)
I drove for like 15 or so hours, running off of like 4 hours of sleep, so I'm a little tired heh (I wrote a thing up last night for Jawaball's blog about transports in assault-based armies- here's the link to it if you're interested).  Not like anyone here reads my stuff and doesn't read Jawa's stuff anyways, lol.

So, I'm here.  The hotel I'm staying at (Hyatt) isn't the same
as the one hosting Adepticon (Westin), but they're pretty damn close to each other (7 minutes of walking from one to the other).  It's pretty fancy compared to the Westin, and for the same price.

Anyways, here's a few pictures.  Enjoy!

When I got here, the bar had a $2 special on Coors Light.  Nice, I needed something to relax to.  Sad that I had to watch the Lakers play while I drank it though.

This is a picture of the place I'm staying at.

From the exact same spot, this is the place Adepticon is.  See... pretty close.

Here's the contents of this year's (limited?) swag bag:  including some Oreos.

Seriously?  They gave us a Warmachine Battlegroup.  How ridiculous is that?  Worth lots of money, that.  Usually not that much value in swag bags for cons, I'll tell you that.

Lots of fliers, datasheets, promo cards, etc. from the Swag bag.  This is all stuff I don't want.  Waste of trees.

Here's the couch I'll be sleeping on.  Fancy!
...and the rest of the 'anteroom'.  The next room is just like a normal hotel room, so I didn't take pictures.  Not bad for the price we paid :)  And yes, those are my shoes.  I've had them for 5 years now, as my 'primary' pair of shoes.  Sketchers :-p
Well, that's it for pictures folks.  Tournament starts tomorrow at 10 in the morning (well, since you're reading this in the morning, the tournament starts like... right now).  I'm going to bed- no need to wish me luck again, you guys already did that lots.  Let's see if I can win 4 and qualify for Sunday!

As a sidenote, I'm apparently #2 on the waiting list for Fantasy on Saturday now.  Hopefully that means I get in.  If not, hopefully they have the $2 Coors light special again.  Peace out!  :)


tzeentchling said...

Damn, a free plastic battlegroup? I knew Adepticon was making money, but that's ridiculous.

Commander_Vimes said...

Good luck!

Also, I read your blog, but not Jawa's, except when you've linked there.