Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dark Eldar Project: Pictures thus far

Hey all!  While I work diligently on my battle reports for Adepticon (with pictures and everything), I figured I'd give you a quick update on my painting of the Deldar.  I already had a raider painted, and now I have a Ravager and a 5-man warrior squad.  So, let the pictures begin!

That's what it looked like before I got my hands on it, lol.
 More pictures after the jump break!

So remember, if you want bigger pictures, CLICK ON THEM.  As an aside, I'm having trouble with my flash, so most of my stuff is actually darker than it looks.

More flash awesomeness.  Think I have some darker shots somewhere though

More ravager awesomesauce

There, it's darker, I guess


Heh, you can see the armor on this picture at least

Hooray for warriors!  And the Ravager!

The squad.  I think the blaster is going to need some bronze on it instead of metal.  It doesn't stand out enough.

Lone warrior + flash.

Not sure why I switched positions with this guy.

Darker, more blurry picture.

Hm, here's an alright one of their backs.

Yay, a non-blurry one without the flash!

And again!

Here's the army altogether thus far, blurry.  In the back, you can see a few random 40k trophies, lol.

Way less blurry.  I really like the way the army is going.  You can see that on the left there is a warmachine squad of Satyxis Raiders that I've given up on temporarily, and a bunch of flying bases to the right, for... something.

Hooray for reinforcements!  3 boxes of Hellions and 3 boxes of Reavers should keep me busy for a while.  Keep me from getting burned out on ravagers at least :)

Looks like that's it!  I'm looking into converting 4 Venoms sometime soon, as well as 3 Haemonculi and a few Wracks.

Let me know what you think!  (and don't suggest I need a new camera- I know I do.  I'd rather have warhammer stuff though, lol.  I'll be slowly saving up for one so you guys can have more quality pictures soon enough...


Dalinair said...

Found this very very interesting considering i recently posted this -

Good work so far!

Ulven said...

They're looking great man! Keep it up.