Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reaper Paints?

Well, today I broke down and bought some Reaper paints, in an attempt to find a way to paint good skin.  I got the golden skin triad, and the bone triad- we'll see which is more in character for the Dark Eldar.  The idea of the triad is cool, since they come with a base color, highlight color, and shading color.  Hopefully I can do something of use with it.

What has your personal experience been with Reaper?  Any at all?

Also, out of seemingly random nowhere, here's my fantasy championship results numbers, from the Adepticon website:

12th overall (out of 134)
74 total battle points (out of 100? not entirely sure)
29/32 sportsmanship- the way it worked was you had to explain why the person was 'your new best friend' for max sportsmanship, so I got 1 'max' and 3 'pretty damn good' rankings (apparently only 4 people got max sports, for what it matters, heh)
22/25 painting (cool... probably my best yet)
Total of 125- 1st overall got 138


Rkik said...

I have some light green, dark green and rosy highlight (skin tone) from reaper and I really like them. They are a little thinner than GW paint, but pretty much on par with the Vallejo stuff. It takes a few coats of the skin tone to cover a dark primer, but it does cover smoothly and they have a lot of granularity to their tones for good highlights.

Plus the dropper bottles are awesome.

Commander_Vimes said...

I've really liked the Reaper Triads so far. My Guardsmen use a dark blue-gray, gray, and brown triads for most of the model and they've been coming out well by my standards.

sonsoftaurus said...

I have a set of their Pro Paint line, and like them a lot. I'd like to try the masters series stuff but can't justify too much paint expense until I run through some of what I have!