Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well I'm back from Adepticon

I'm back!  After a terrible 15-hour drive through the night, and then a nap at the in-law's place in Wyoming before the final icy trek to home in Colorado, I'm proud to say that I made it back in one piece!  Ironically, my car ran perfectly the entire 2300-total-miles trip (2002 Impala), and my wife's new Subaru (2007) had issues from driving less than 100 miles this weekend.  :-p

The mile markers entering/leaving Chicago drove me crazy.  What a blatant ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars- a mile marker every quarter mile for over 100 miles.  When it's dark it's sort of a surreal feeling too, since you're pretty much always in sight of a mile marker the entire drive.  Pretty good picture for my crappy phone camera :)
So, I didn't really post about the Fantasy Championships.  I did end up playing, and
I did well.  I didn't 'place', but I got 12th overall (out of I think 120 people?)  I'll get the battle reports up later this week.

Otherwise, I took a face and skin painting class on Sunday instead of the (too-early) Warmachine, so not a ton to report from Sunday.  It seems obvious enough that I didn't get in as '2nd alternate' for the 40k championships, sadly.  It's all good though.

The event was fun as usual, despite the tool of a player in my 3rd game in the 40k, it was overall a blast.  I'll go again next year, most likely.  I'll have more thoughts about the weekend in general later on, as well as actual battle reports for all of my games.  For now, it's time for a shower, and then my mountain of neglected homework...

Meh, I'm scheduling this for the morning. 

The good news is that the Nuggets beat the Lakers yesterday IN L.A.  Pretty big deal, though of course the league is trying to downplay it.  Playoffs are going to be exciting!


Nikephoros said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went well. You were one 'misunderstanding' away from fulfilling my prophecy.

Also glad to hear Fantasy went well. I wish I had been there, it would have been fun to see how well my hydras and chariots would have fared.

Knights of the Gaming Table said...

Xaereth, you were robbed, plain and simple. Did you find the guy out back after the event? I can't believe the judges at such a high profile event would just "not want to deal with it"! Some people drove or flew (I know you are painfully aware) thousands of miles to attend Adepticon, and to have some jackass AND the judges turn their cheek to that is just galling. That is the second robbery at a prestigious event in as many months...the Celestial Lions player at Ghengis got robbed out of Best Appearance by a commission!

Xaereth said...

Hm, thanks Nike. It would have been fun to meet you. Maybe at the Nova!

KotGT: Yeah, it's rough. I was perhaps slightly disingenuous of the judges- they cared, but it was essentially his word vs. mine. I had a camera, but he just told them I had forgotten to take a picture- no real way to use that as evidence anyway.

In the end, what could they do? I don't really blame them- the blame rests squarely on my tool opponent, who also refused to dice it off. If the judges had done anything, it would have been to let us dice it off. At least then, the 'right' player would have a chance to win.

That's frustrating that your club got gypped at Genghis- which army was it?

Commander_Vimes said...

@Xaereth: How good were the players you hit? I couldn't really get a sense from the brief summaries? As to the horde ork player. From the sound of it you guys were running out of time, were his turns taking excessively long? With my horde Guard I'm really looking for ways to speed up my play because I don't want to lose, or win, games because they end on turn 4 because of time.

@Knights: I was likewise disappointed in the Genghis appearance award. The conversion work on the the army that won was good, but I just didn't feel the painting was good enough for first. The fact that it was a commission is even more annoying. I'm never going to win any sort of painting award, but I'd at least like to know that the guys beating me are doing so on their own skill.

Xaereth said...

Mr Vimes: Heh, he actually moved his stuff REALLY QUICK. We had about half an hour left when this whole argument happened. So, it wasn't at all an issue of time- we just argued for half an hour.

As far as how good... hm. I guess I'll just say that I felt firmly in control of all of my games, except for at times in the 3rd, but I was never really worried in that one either.

That being said, the guys I played against were good- I just kind of think they weren't used to my wolfstar actually being as good/resilient as they are- I got a lot of comments of 'wow, I normally just smash thunderwolf units, not sure why it was different this time'. I think the salamanders guy from game 2 got an award for best imperial army or somesuch, though that might have just been his painting (which was pretty damn nice).

Knights of the Gaming Table said...

@ Xaereth- it wasn't a guy from our club, it was Derek from the Stonebridge club. His army was gorgeous, and we all pretty much just stood around drooling at it until he lost. By a few points.

@Commander_Vimes: Yep, it was a Blue Table Painting piece. The "winner" was a guy from wrecking crew who said later that he didn't even think it was a problem, and was going to somehow "share" his prize with the artist. Grrrr.

Xaereth said...

KotGT: Um, it was actually NOT Blue Table. They do absolutely shitty work. Trust me, I've seen it. Nothing they've done will ever be nice enough to win best painted. It might not even be enough to get AVERAGELY painted.

It was painted by another guy from the Wrecking Crew- Kenny. He has his own 'pro' painting business, and charges lots of money (way more worth it than BTP though).

Figured you should know- I agree with your sentiment, but after BTP ripped a few of my friends off big time, I hate them. That was no BTP army.

It should however make more sense that he was going to share his award, since he's friends with Kenny.

Chris said...

When I walked up to ask you how your game went, it kind of made me irritated because that was not the first time that tournament I had witnessed bad judging. Friend of mine got jewed cause his opponent claimed he contested an objective and when the judge came over he was picking up his models....very lame.

In any case, hope to see you at Wargamescon. I'll be judging! :)

Zachary said...

The guy who did that too you sucks. Will you have full battle reports?

Xaereth said...

Chris! Awesome man, hopefully you can put an end to corruption :) It was great to see you last weekend!

Zach: Full reports are posted up now.