Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Awesomeness

Hey folks, I don't have a ton of time tonight, there's about a million and a half things on my plate right now.  That being said, lots of excellent things coming up here.  I'll list them after the jump break, I'm bad at figuring out when to put the damn thing, so I may as well put it now, lol.

So, awesome stuff.  Lots of it.  Well, some of it maybe.

  • Ard Boyz for Fantasy is this weekend.  I absolutely hate the last mission (one bad roll and my entire army could seriously just be screwed)  But I'll have reports up, with my extremely lame (read:  nonoptimized) 3000 point list.

  • Speaking of reports up, my Fantasy Championships report is almost done.  Sorry it's taking so long, it's been a week haunted by Annotated Bibliographies out the ass (as in, 3 of them, each requiring 10 sources or more... which is a grand total of about 17?ish typed pages).  This naturally cuts down on both 1) time and 2) desire to type any more.  But I'm getting it done, slowly.

  • Team tournament the weekend after Ard Boyz for 40k.  My friend who hasn't played in over a year is bringing some Grey Hunter spam, and I think I'm going to follow suit.  Those trying to tailor lists, be prepared for 60 Grey Hunters, plus like 30 other marines on top of it.  Competitive?  Frankly, who cares?  It's a team tournament, after all.

  • Dark Eldar are making progress, slowly.  Batch 2 of the Hellions are done with blues, next is skin and other... should be done soonish.  Sometimes I hate that I know how to highlight.  Next up are either more hellions, or some reavers, to break up the monotony.

  • Grey Knights list building is in full swing.  We'll see if any of it is publishable.  Mostly it's just spam.  Very uncreative, but it's not my fault that EVERY UNIT is essentially the same, with slightly different dynamics (oooh... these guys can have TWO special weapons for 5 guys, vs these other guys can move 12", THIS special character can buff the army this way, but THAT special character can buff the army in that slightly different way)
  • Marauder-spam list for fantasy is being worked on.  It looks like if I ever do decide to make the army, it's not going to look very good, for the sole reason that I don't want to have to blend/highlight 200+ marauders.  Not even good-looking models, lol.
Well, the guy in the middle with wavy hair is cool I guess.

  • Nuggets are going into the playoffs as the #5 seed in the West, when everyone thought they'd just roll over and die after the Melo trade.  They're heavily depleted (i.e. injuries like crazy) but they've shown a lot of heart.  Let's hope they can beat the OKC Thunder without home court advantage, and get healthy to play the Spurs in round 2.
That's about all the awesomeness I have going on right now, aside from annotated bibliographies being done, and only having like 60 or so more pages of actual papers/narratives to write in the next 3 weeks.  Gotta love being an English major, lol.

What color should my Grey Knights be, if I make them?  I've been loving me some blue lately, and I don't want another red army.  I already have green marines with Salamanders.  What does that leave?  Dark blue + flame colors done the right way might look really cool.  Ideas?

Thoughts on anything else?  I'm tired, posting this for the morning.  Thanks for struggling through this, if you're still reading.


Nikephoros said...

Good luck at 'Ard Boyz this weekend. The scenarios are... bad, to say the least.

Ulven said...

Yeah good luck with the tournament. I've looked at the final mission and it's rather uninspiring to say the least.

I've always thought the Grey Knights would look AWESOME in a light blue colour scheme. I've never liked the standard bolt gun grey.

Disappointing loss against the Jazz last night, I really thought we had it in the bag. I was keeping my fingers crossed that our first round would be against the Mavs...but lets hope we can topple the Thunder. They have been a very strong team this season.

Zachary said...

The grey hunter list looks fun. For your bibliographies have you tried 'Noodle Tools'. It is actually pretty good, you just need to type in the information and it is formatted with all the rights commas and such. It is free.