Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon 40k Championships Results

Well, played for 12 hours today.  I'm extremely tired, so this is going to be brief.  But I want to know how many people read this, so I'm adding a jump break.  See you on the other end.

Game 1:  Played against Genestealer spam.  Nice guy, I got 3-0 win (3 being the best possible)

Game 2:  Played dude with Salamanders.  Also a nice guy.  Neither of us could roll a save, but I caused more wounds.  3-0 win

Game 3:  Ork Horde guy, who claimed we had played 5 turns, instead of only 4 (evidence on camera forthcoming).  We fought about it until the judges came over and told us they didn't want to deal with it, and to score it as it was.  Extremely frustrating, as I would have won had I gotten my last turn (he had already taken his turn 5, which he said was actually turn 6... it's sort of complicated).  Kind of jerk to me- was 'sure' he was right, and refused to simply dice it off, calling me unreasonable... sigh.  2-1 loss.

Game 4:  Ultramarines w/ Grey Knight Terminator allies in a Godhammer.  Another nice guy, we called it after he fed the Grey Knights to the Wolfstar, and I had free reign on his battle line.  Finished in 40 minutes.  3-0 win.

So, 3 wins, 1 extremely shady loss.  Overall a disappointing showing for me (since I wanted to qualify for day 2). 

But, I'm #2 on the alternate list, as if that wasn't a complete joke.  Looks like (unoptimized) Warmachine it is!  Or maybe just sleeping in...

Overall I got 36th (of about 256- slightly less I think) with like 99 total points.  Best overall was at like 130-something.  He had full points all 4 games, good sports all 4, and good painting.  That lucky bastard.  Pretty simple way of scoring it.  I'm excited for this tournament next year.

K, way longer than I wanted it to be.  Setting this to post in the morning.  Fantasy tomorrow- I'm pretty sure I'll get in.  Not that I really care too much either way...


ServvsUmbrarum said...

Well, that sucks that he would do that. I'm hoping that he was just mistaken and not trying to cheat. Either way sounds like a good reason to keep a turn counter (been thinking about buying the counter kit).

But great job on the other games! My friend plays SW and been showing him your posts to try to get him more into Warhammer 40k.

Duke said...

Sorry to hear about that other guy... perhaps we should put out an APB for everyone to kick him in the balls.


40k Junkie said...

Already mention it to you at the con but for the blog'o sphere I will post. That was really really lame and it is people like that who give competitive players a bad rap.

Ulven said...

Sorry to hear that man...Hope all goes well in the fantasy tournament. Looking forward to the batreps. Safe driving!

Thor said...

Good showing but yeah, I'd be pissed at that "loss". That's why when I play I always call the turn: bottom of 2nd, top of 4th, etc, as we finish a player turn.