Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back from the Warp and With Cool Pictures!

A contributor post by C.J. Young

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I know! I have not posted anything in a long time, and my apologies to all my loyal readers for that! However, my life has been a bit crazy lately. Since my last post (editors note:  which was months ago :-p), I have taken a LSAT, applied to a Masters in Public Administration Program (MPA), applied to Law School, been working on a graduate paper for attempted publication, been accepted to the MPA and been accepted to University of Wyoming College of Law! So things have been a bit crazy and I hope to start getting more posts out soon now that I am back from the warp (by the warp I mean academia of course!). Enough about my personal life and on to my favorite subject that is miniature wargaming!

Quick update on my past couple of months of gaming adventures. I played in Feast of Blades at Gryphon Games in Fort Collins, CO where I won best painted with my Blood Pact, but got my butt kicked game wise. I played in Genghis Con in Denver in the Flames of War Tournament and took second overall earning me a seat in Nationals. I played in the Mid-War Flames of War National Championship at Adepticon and won Best Opponent! I will be posting more information on these events I attended in the near future. As for the Blood Pact which I mentioned some time ago in another post saying I would be working on them, I am sorry to say that did not happen. I was becoming skeptical that I would actually qualify for FOW nationals and when I did I had to put the poor Blood Pact on hold to prepare for nationals. Never fear, they are one of my favorite armies and I am sure all it will take is the next Gaunts Ghosts novel to send me in to a building frenzy again for them. That said, I have been doing a lot of FOW lately and will be working more on 40k over the summer so expect to see more 40k related stuff from me in the near future. I have a "how to do decals" article going up soon, but until then here are some pictures of some new stuff I painted over the past two months!

Thanks for reading!

Captured T-34s

Railroad Objective Marker

Burning T-34 Objective Marker

Self-propelled Infantry Gun Platoon

Flight of Hs 129B's

Homemade Destroyed Markers I Made for the T-34s

Broomburs (AKA: The Poor Mans Tiger)

Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)s

Hope you enjoyed!


Ulven said...

Loving the pictures man! Great looking army. I especially love the propaganda poster next to the ruined tank - awesome!

Zachary said...

Awesome tanks.