Friday, January 28, 2011

Team Tournament Tomorrow

So, tomorrow I'll finally dive into the Tournament scene for 2011, kicking it off with a Team Tournament at Valhallas Games in Denver, CO.  Should be fun :)

I'll be playing with my friend Angry Richard, and assuming that we have all the models we need assembled, we'll be taking a couple Battlewagon Orks armies.  That was the original plan, at least.

Now, I'm starting to question if we should.  They recently made the ruling about the team tournament that we can't use eachother's wargear, even if you're playing the same army.  Adepticon is different from this, stating that as long as your army is the same, you can use the same army-wide abilities i.e. Waaaagh! and the KFF protecting both forces.

As it is, the basic premise of the team was to get lots of Battlewagons, and protect them with the perma-smoke that is a KFF Mek, and helping everyone out with Ghaz' 6" guaranteed Waaagh!  The threat ranges get pretty ridiculous, heh. Anyways, this ruling puts us in the oddly conflicting positions of both 1) wanting to 'practice' with our orks for Adepticon and 2) win.

I'm not sure it's possible to do both, honestly.  Orks have a hard enough time as it is.  Even if we did take both Ork armies, it wouldn't really be a *true* playtest, since we'd both have different Waaaghs, half the wagons would have zero KFF coverage, etc.

The alternative is for him to run Orks, and me to run the Wolfstar.  This presents an intriguing combination, since the Wolves could really benefit from a few Wagons covering them and advancing, and forcing counter-charges.  And if he took nobs... it could be a good, albeit very small force we took.

A benefit:  we could finish our games.  Team games are notoriously long, and if we were like 'okay, we moved our 9 models, and shot a couple squads of missiles/lootas' every turn, it would make up for the other team's slothfulness.

A disadvantage:  we wouldn't both have Orks, which is what we want to playtest.  Which is really what we need to playtest, only we aren't being truly allowed to do.

Thoughts?  Advice?

One way or another, expect battle reports on it, sometime in the future.


Thor said...

Run dual Orks. Sure, you'll lose out on the wargear benefits but that's small compared to what you'll get out of it, practice. You'll both still get to work out kinks in deployment, advancing, covering fire, all that stuff regardless of wargear. The hardest part of a team game is playing with your teammate effectively and you can learn that still.

Xaereth said...

Hm, that's a good point. Practice is pretty important. Guess we'll see if we even have the deff rollas to use for it, as I just learned we don't have them as of yet.

Otherwise, I'll probably do as you say, for the reasons you said. lol :)

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

I say run your Nobz and Wolf star and punish that tournament for being such a fiasco during the registration process.

Black Blow Fly said...

Consider it a learning experience for bigger events. That's is always a good opportunity. If you go into it not expecting to win it you'll probably do better overall.

I like the rule that armies are completely independent of each other. Too many are looking for the nastiest killer combos... Itbsucks for opponents that are more on the fluff bunny side of the hobby. Let's face it... Codices for the most part are not designed to be interchangeable with the exception of the old Imperial allies. Theravada plenty of army combinations that will do very well together.