Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Meandering of Thoughts, mostly about Fantasy

Well, I'm back from the tournament.  My camera ran out of batteries for Game 2, so I'm waiting for my friend Angry Richard to email me the pictures we took with his cool phone.  The tournament was fun though, I'll have a full report up once he emails them to me- it was a fun event, though I'll leave you to speculate on how I did.  We ended up using a Nobstar/Wolfstar combo, and despite terrible rolling for saves on Game 2, the lists basically worked the way we wanted them to.

All I can say really, is that Nobs kill what they look at.  Seriously, for like 500 points (including the battlewagon), nobs are ridiculous.  I can't imagine why someone wouldn't take them.  Seriously the most efficient 500 close combat points spent in the game.  Anyways. 

I've finally received my email from GW, saying that I qualified for their GT in Vegas this year and
do I want to come down?  It annoys me, because they finally gave the details on when it is, but gave me less than a month to figure it all out.  More frustratingly, apparently my 'qualification' at Genghis last year (getting 2nd of like 64 people) wasn't actually a qualification, and instead a (sham?  I'm not sure what it is... but somehow it fell through), and so I'm stuck with the option of playing Fantasy at Vegas.

I've only played like 5 games total of Fantasy in 8th Edition, and nobody at the LGS will play me, since they're all under the impression (after themselves having only played 5 games) that the magic phase is broken, therefore making the game uncompetitive and stupid.  I'd prefer to play a few more games before I make that decision, since 4 of my 5 games have been against dwarves, and the other one against non-magic Warriors of Chaos.  My own magic phases have been far from spectacular, though in fairness to myself, I simply have no experience with it.  :-p

Anyways, I'm taking my current DE build to Genghis this year to see how good it can do/how terribly messed up the new magic phase is, but that's actually after the time I have to send in my RSVP for Fantasy (by about a week or so).  So, how do I make a decision?  I'm not really sure.  I mean, on one hand, this trip looks to be the cheapest 'big' event available to me this summer (cheap hotels + zero entry fee) and I haven't ever been to a GW-run GT before.  On the other hand, it's not the game I play the most (by far) and if I go to Vegas, it seems like a waste to simply play Warhammer rather than grinding away in some good live poker games (which I used to do semi-professionally).  I've already made commitments to go to Adepticon, the Nova, and BoLSCON (never say Wargames Con)... but I might still have the money for Vegas.

So, what would you do, if you were in my situation?  Not that I'll follow your advice :-p  I'm just curious what your personal priority/preferences would be.


Nikephoros said...

If you think you will be able to qualify for Vegas in 40k next year, skip this one. If you think it's a once in a decade or so opportunity, take it.

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

I've actually gotten in a decent amount of fantasy games since moving to Denver, the fantasy population is much larger down here than in FoCo, and to be hones the game sucks, but If you'd like we can try and schedule some games so you can discover that for yourself.

tzeentchling said...

I'm kinda pissed still that last years Ghengis didn't count for the tournament in July. I may not have gone, but it was nice to have qualified and have that option.