Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Genghis is over

Well everyone, Genghis is over, and so are the excuses for not posting more up here.  I have a fully painted Dark Elf army, and now I'm working on Orks, but the painting schedule isn't nearly as frightening as it has been the past week :)

So, how did I do at Genghis?  It's a little complicated, actually.

Fantasy is clear-cut.  There's no question on how I did, and my overall results. If you'd rather wait for my battle reports to see how I did, read no further.  Massive spoilers ahead :-p


Lol so... my Fantasy Results

I ended up getting what they called 'Best Tactician' which is basically the guy who got the most battle point modifiers.  There were a possible 9 in each round (I think?) and I ended up with 20/27.  Not really the number I expected to be the winner, but I'll take it.  I got a Fateweaver box ($50) and a little knife thingy, which someone aptly pointed out fit Dark Elves pretty well.  Neato :)

I got to the 'top table' in round 3, but barely (by like 25 points) lost.  It wasn't even very disappointing.  My opponents were all really laid back, and I was sad I had to pick a single one of them as my favorite opponent. 

My main gripe was that my army's painting wasn't judged when it was displayed, and the guy gave it a very cursory look in the middle of my 2nd game.  I have a feeling I got a terrible painting score, though I'll soon find out (because the TO is going to email me my result).  In the end, I had a great time regardless- it isn't like I would have won best overall or anything close to that if my painting had been judged more favorably.  I'll get way more in depth later on, in the Battle Report.  I'll likely do the Fantasy one first, in fact.

As to the 40k GT results... I don't think I should talk about it yet.  I did well, though I won't say how well (I didn't win, so don't worry about me being dramatic about that).  Once I've written the battle reports for the event, I'll let you know.  How's that for incentive to read my blog, lol.  No, I'm not purposely trying to be vague to keep you in suspense- there's just stuff that is best not talked about until later- I prefer a minimum to the drama that will doubtless ensue.  :)

The con was overall fun, I had a good time.  I'm somewhat burned out by war games at the moment, but that isn't translating to blogging for some reason, so expect more content in the days to come.

Someone emailed me like two weeks ago about advice for his BA list.  That'll be my first priority, followed by the tourney reports, and pictures of my newly finished Dark Elves.  With other random stuff mixed in. 

Well, gots to go write a 4-page paper for my class in two hours.  Take it easy all :)


Nikephoros said...

Hey congrats on the Fantasy result. I'm looking forward to seeing how it went since our lists are similar.

tzeentchling said...

2nd overall in 40k is nothing to sneeze at man.

Xaereth said...

tzeentchling: Heh, that's what I got last year. This year there wasn't that award, unfortunately.

Didn't you win first overall last year? Even less to sneeze at there :)

tzeentchling said...

Yeah, I did. Not so hot this year - Tau are hard to play, especially when dice don't cooperate. 2-2-1 doesn't get you any award. :D

Zachary said...

Congrats on both =)

Commander_Vimes said...

I went 2-3 with my Tau, but stayed on the top tables the entire time. Got pounded by Xaereth in the second round after loosing a third of my army to a pair of blown morale checks on the top of turn 1. Throughout the tournament, I couldn't pass my leadership checks when it mattered most. Oh well, makes me want to paint my Guard blobs.