Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Santa is coming to Delusions of Grandeur

Hello Delusions of Grandeur!

My internet name is BigSanta, and soon I will be contributing to this blogosphere.  I have known Xaereth for
many years now and fondly remember of the days when I was teaching him tricks of the 40k world. I used to think, “Oh this Xaereth character is a pretty good gamer but he’s got lots to learn.” Now I feel as a Sith lord whose apprentice has always exceeded him in every way and was really scheming my demise from the beginning. I am an avid gamer in all respects: miniatures, video, Sudoku, and
otherwise. I would call myself an average gamer. I paint well, but don’t go out of my way to convert the craziest coolest models (I have friends for that) or spend weeks on a single mini. I would call myself the gamer that is probably the largest demographic but really ignored.

What to expect from me in my posts:

Painting techniques, ideas and hobby help

General tactics on armies I love in 40K and Xaereth has forgotten, namely Tyranids. They are my bread and butter and I have vowed recently to make them and my army a feared entity in the 40k gaming scene (likelihood irrelevant).

War Machine/ Hordes stuff: just started The Blight Water folks and you’ll get see them evolve and hopefully get an idea of what to expect from them.

Flames of War stuff: I know Delusions isn’t a bastion for FoW but I’ll be adding a little spice there.

Battle Reports: 40k, WM and FoW

Maybe fantasy stuff. I’ll see if I get back into the swing of things.

And from time to time general rants and ideas about the hobby industry. Hey we all need some way to vent steam.

I must have something to contribute or Xaereth would have not invited me, lol.

See you in the internet!

Editor's note:

Heh, yet another addition to the ranks of people who are listed as contributors on my blog (maybe this addition will actually post more than once a month :-p)  BigSanta is a cool guy, and plays pretty much every major miniatures game out there.  Don't let him kid you, he's a great player!  He went undefeated (as in, 3 wins, no draws lol) at Adepticon last year, and he's already qualified for nationals in FoW.  You'd do well to listen to him!

Are Tyranids an army now?  Since when?  Can't forget what doesn't exist :-p

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Black Blow Fly said...

I loved it when Darth Vader threw the Emperor down the power tube. He still loved Luke !!! GOOD GUYS FTW !!!