Friday, January 7, 2011

Lionstar, suck or not?

 An Article by beast_a_la_mode

Let me preface this article by saying that I have only played 4 games of fantasy in the new edition and they were all with my vampire counts spamming lore of beasts so I literally have no idea what is good outside of simple theory hammer. I had pretty much washed my hand of fantasy but a local guy gave me a deal that I simply couldn't refuse on a high elf army so it looks like I'm back.

Like I said I'm kinda at a loss for what actually works in fantasy but I think this list might be fun and could possibly be competitive.


High Loremaster


Great Weapon, Dragon Armor, shield, Banner of the world dragon

Sacred incense, Ironcurse Icon, SIlver Wand
lore of heavens

28x Lothern Seaguard
FC, Banner of eternal Flame

20x Lothern Seaguard

40x White Lions of Chrace
FC, Banner of Sorcery, potion of foolhardiness

Repeater Bolt thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

So pretty basic, everyone goes into the Lionstar which is completely immune to magic, has a 3+ armor and 6+ ward vs shooting, are at -1 to hit from shooting. The mage uses the heavens signature spell to further debuff any shooting at the lionstar, Teclis will usually take shadow and spam Purple suns and soulblight. Anyone who challenges in combat will face Caradryan who is pretty tough himself but does D6 wounds with no armor saves against whoever kills him.

Oh yeah, and there's the two Seaguard units for just walking up with field and trying to whittle things down with their bows and then receive the charge, one unit has flaming attacks to try and strip regen for a turn the two bolt throwers try and kill big monsters.

So, suck or not?


Nikephoros said...

It's not a bad list. Couple things though.

1. Caradryan is overkill. A naked Noble with great weapon is a better overall value.

2. Drop the big Seaguard unit to to 24, and add the dudes to the other unit. Take the other unit and split it into two units of 12.

3. White lions are very good, but with what you're trying to do, uber magic bunker that can fight back, Phoenix Guard are almost certainly better.

4. Repeaters aren't so hot in this list. I would bring Great Eagles to attack warmachines. right now Warmachines are the only thing that can really chew this list up, so bring the Eagles to cover that hole.

I assume this is 2.5k correct?

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

Yeah 2.5k

1.Caradryan Purpose is to discourage challenges of any kind, My two banes are the keeper of secrets and the arch lecter with the stat swap item who just challenge to stay hidden and he causes fear which is helpful but I see your point.

2. thanks for the advice Ill do that.

3. Wouldn't be much of a lionstar with the lions now would it? While I agree the phoenix guard are more durable I like the fight of the Lions way better, and the whole purpose of this list is because some dude handed me 40 white lions and said enjoy.

4. Another good point after browsing other lists it seems that most people don't like the Repeaters and I think eagles are a great way to tie up war machines.

Thanks for the feedback Nike it really helped