Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God Machines!

God Machines!

An Article by C.J. Young

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to show my favorite massive, walking, indestructible death machines! You guessed it right I mean Titans! I am a bit of a Titan nut and own four Forgeworld Titans, but sadly only two are finished. Below is my loyal Titan Legion “Legio Astraman” in their bright green and gold livery. The Warhound was the first titan I ever built and painted so it is not the quality of the work I produce now. However, I still wanted to show it to you all. The Reaver is my pride and joy! It also took up three months of my life painting it! So without further ado here are my Titans.

Forgeworld Reaver Titan in Legio Astraman Colors

This is a Bell of Lost Souls banner! They are great, free and have other banners than just for Titans so check them out!

Size comparison to one of my Knights of Victus Rhinos

The Reavers foot compared to a standard size model!

Its Apocalypse Missile Launcher is as large as a Rhino!

Overhead view of interior

Command bridge

Titans Princeps

Hatch that leads to the Titans head

Yes, they even put servitors on the ceiling!

Tech-Priest hard at work

All the various parts that come off the Titan

Size comparison to the Warhound Titan

Size comparison between Reaver, Warhound and Warden Knight Titan

Warhound, remember this is one of my earlier paint jobs :(

Inside the head of the Warhound

(Not one of my best pictures, but I thought it was still cool with the light!)

Overhead view of interior of Titan

Weapons servitors

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed these pictures!


Thor said...

Nice collection you have there.

eriochrome said...

I always find it interesting when I see the scout titans with more than 1 person in them. I guess they are not a good as they were during the heresy days where a single person operated them.