Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back from the Nova

Well folks, this won't be long- I'm super tired.  Internets haven't been working at my house, so I apologize for the late notification that my plane didn't wreck or something equally tragic :)

Played 14 games, of which I won a bunch of them, if not quite enough to win any prizes :-p

You should stop reading if you don't want spoilers.  I'll put a page break up for those of you who don't.

I had to play Stelek my 5th game of the Invitationals, which was a silly game in which he showed up 20 minutes late, played incredibly slowly (got through 3 turns), and told me my list was 'boring'.  heh.  He ended up with a lucky win on his part (though neither of us prepared for the game ending) through about 100 VP.   He also gave me a 'low' sportsmanship score, for not apparent reason.  Not once was I a jerk to him, guess it comes as standard fare for playing him, lol. There will be more talk of it later on, when I do full Battle Reports for the event.

Otherwise, I ended the day 2-2, and had 3 great opponents (one was... well.  No e-drama for today besides the Stelek debacle, lol)  Funtimes, breaking even against the best players in the game is something great, and I only lost one of those games by like 80 VP (not the Stelek game).  I don't really consider the Stelek game a game to be honest, lol.

Then the 8-game GT.  I was undefeated the first day, and even won my first game the second day.  I was even looking like a lock to win game 6, when we unfortunately (for me) went on to Turn 7, where my opponent extremely luckily dodged my comeback attempt :-p

After that the tournament stopped mattering much, and I lost my next game (to a guy I probably would have lost to regardless, if I'm being honest), and my final game against gunline IG would have seen me likely to win, provided I was able to finish the game.  My opponent was entirely fixated on finishing it, and I wasn't really in the position to challenge him on it, so we called it there.

I ended up as one of the 24 other people in the event with a perfect sportsmanship score, though I didn't have enough battle points or whatever they used as tiebreaker to give me a clear-cut 'win' in that regard.  Not sure what they used as a tiebreaker- Dash didn't even play his game 8 and he won best sportsman.  That isn't to say he didn't deserve it- he probably did.  I just don't know what the criteria they used were, that's all :-p

Also, upon unpacking my models, I discovered I played with one less Hellion the entire tournament than I should have- I used only 17 + plus Baron instead of 18 + Baron.  lol.

Overall, it was an excellent event, very smoothly run, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.  Met lots of new people, hung out with lots of people I already knew, and played against some of the best competition the internets (and other places, for that matter) can offer. 

I'll be giving lots of batreps in the future, and talking about stuff I learned.  Incubi are making a dramatic exit from my list, and other things are making an entrance (well, more of some things, heh).  You'll just have to wait and see.  :-p

Other than that, I'll be trying to get some models painted for Tacticon this weekend (local 5-game GT), and then Semi-Finals 'Ard Boyz is a few weekends from now as well.  Lots of battle reports to write, lots of analysis coming, stay tuned :)

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