Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging whilst Traveling

Lol, always good to know that Zombies is helping babies
Howdy there folks!  How's the life?  I'm finally enjoying the last part of my summer, since summer classes are finally over and I have a solid two-week stretch of hassle-free home cooking and trips to some La Center casinos at night to make some money playing poker (for those of you who didn't know, I used to play professionally for about a year before I decided to go back to school).

Anyways, it's been fun out here in the Washington countryside, with the ultra-slow internets connection my parents possess.  I can't say that it's conducive to getting lots of blog posts up for you, and I'm glad that my contributors (well, two of them :-p) decided to step in and help when they did :)

Don't worry, I'll still be playing 'Ard Boyz, only this time in Portland, OR.  I think the game shop is called Guardian Games (click on the link if you feel like it, or don't- it's nothing very exciting)

I didn't have a lot of room to pack an army, so I just used three foam trays and my old-school Battle Foam carrying case to transport them on the plane.  Heh, the old ones let you zip off the top, and that's what I did.  Check it out:

The Swords of the Prophet (my counts-as Space Wolves) are going to be getting some reinforcements from the Salamanders for 'Ard Boyz this year :-p

Yep... lots of minis in there that are just tangled up together.  Luckily, it's all plastic and varnished, so they won't really break or chip paint.

Still haven't decided if I want to go with smaller Grey Hunter squads so I can fit in some scouts and a single (ugly!) Razorback.  If not, my World Eaters will apparently help supply one of the Rhinos.  lol

It all fits in this little thing.  Remember, it's the top part of the old-school 1520 (or whatever it is... 1620?  lol I'm too lazy to get up and look for myself and the picture is blurry :-p)

So that's fun.  In my extensive travels, I've already visited the Mecca of Bookstores- Powells Books in Portland.  It's seriously the biggest/awesomest bookstore anyone will ever go to.  It takes up a literal city block, and holds over a million books of every kind of genre.  I bought like 7 books there, two of which were used and therefore cheaper.  Very cool, if you're ever in the Portland area and like to read, I highly recommend it.

Otherwise I've been picking Blueberries (31 pounds at $1.50/pound- if you pick them yourself they're super cheap!), raiding the parent's garden, and reading the Alternate History book "1632", as well as running with my little sister at sea level (which is made easier by the fact that I don't have to contend with the 5000+ feet of elevation for air to breathe :)

Overall, it's been great, so, I'm sorry if I haven't been super consistent in posting up my stuff.  Just kind of been hecktic, and to be honest, I don't want to feel like I have to blog all the time, especially whilst on vacation :-p

Figured I'd give an update for y'all loyal readers though :).  Here's a couple random pictures from my travels.

Don't worry- I'm not a health nut or anything.  I just happen to really enjoy some fresh stuff out of the garden.  Yellow beans, grilled zuchinni (with spices and vegetable oil), cucumber, carrots, blueberries, cherries, and ... water?  All from my parent's property, freshly picked :)

I was flipping through a tattoo book at Powells today when I saw this awesome back-tattoo and had to take a picture of it.  Hope I'm allowed to do that- probably not though, heh.  Still, pretty balsy tattoo if you ask me.  As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I'm not even sure if I could get this tattoo.  Still, very epic, I'm really happy someone got it done :)

Oh yeah, 'Ard Boyz is on a Friday at this LGS, which will be weird- I've never played an RTT on a Friday before.  Maybe I'll be the only one to show up :-p  If you want my list, you can find it a few posts down from this one, should be easy enough to find.

Alright, have a good one folks, probably no more posts until after 'Ard Boyz- I'll be going to Seattle for a few days starting tomorrow!  Sorry it was mostly about my own life outside of 40k- hopefully we can get back to our previously scheduled hardcore 40k stuff soon :)

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