Saturday, August 13, 2011

Played in 'Ard Boyz yesterday- my results

Is it ironic that an older army like the Orks are used to represent a self-proclaimed "no holds barred" competition?
Well folks, I played in 'Ard Boyz with the Wolfstar yesterday.  I played at Guardian Games in Portland, OR, which was my first time playing 40k at all in Oregon, or even that region at all!  I brought the Wolfstar, and... well...

I'm going to put a pagebreak here, so that people who want to wait for the Batreps can wait for the batreps for my results.


So, how did I do?

Well, I ended up with 65 points, which was good for 2nd place.  1st place ended up with 67 points, and apparently read the scenarios better than I did, lol. 

I just mainly wanted to qualify, and I did, and now I can focus and try to own everyone at the Semis, :-p

The armies I played against were (in order):

Space Wolves
Blood Angels (vs. a BoLS guy)
Dark Angels

Kind of a strangely run tournament, but I'll give more details later on, when I'm doing my batreps.

Yep, expect the full 3-game Batrep for it.

When I got back from the tournament, my big sister (remember I'm on vacation visiting the fam) wanted to watch the Bourne Ultimatum, which is an awesome movie (can anyone be more win than Jason Bourne?   The last movie is like one long action scene)  But now I'm exhausted.

Good luck to all those of you playing in 'Ard Boyz today- I hope that only the weakest of you make it to the Semi-Finals in Colorado, so that it's easier on me.  lol

JK, hope everyone does well.  Of course, if everyone did well, it would be like everyone who bought a lottery ticket winning at the same time and only getting like $5 for it.  So...


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