Thursday, August 25, 2011

On the way- Irene can stick it

On the way to what some consider the most competitive tournament out there. I'll be giving updates on the tournaments via my fancy new clever phone (I value cleverness over raw intelligence any day).  Hopefully get lots of pictures and stuff too. End of the day I'll consolidate it all to one post, etc.

Just found out Chumby had to get a last minute emergency root canal and won't be making it to the Whiskey Challenge or the Nova at all. He was a stand-up guy though and is sending me some money to compensate me for the suddenly much too expensive room.

So if anyone wants a game tonight, come say hi. I'll be the tall guy in a red DCShoeCo shirt.  Heh.

If anyone wants in on the now very open room, feel free to email me or post here. I'll get a hold of you.

Alright testing takes much more effort than typing so I'm done. Peace out, cya there!

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