Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will Irene ruin my fun in D.C.?

Well folks, hurricane Irene is on its way to destroy the entire East Coast, if we are to believe the weather channels.  Included in said East Coast is a little town called Washington D.C. and more specifically the tournament known as the Nova Open.

Up til now, I've been a 'for sure' to go there, for about a year.  My plane leaves tomorrow at 7:20 am, which would get me there much sooner than the Hurricane is supposed to arrive.

Further research shows me however, that D.C. probably won't be affected a whole bunch.  Here's a fun picture of how the projected winds will affect D.C:

So, maybe not a huge deal?  This picture makes me more concerned though:

And for Reference, here's a map showing DC, Philadelphia, and Norfolk, in relation to each other:

Wow this map isn't nearly as big as I had thought it would be.  The Red circle is D.C.  The top Blue circle is Philly, and the bottom one is Norfolk

So, one thing is telling me it's no big deal.  The other is telling me that I'm somewhere between "Extreme" and "High" danger.

The 'threat level' of something can be considered somewhat unreliable, since just because something "threatens" to do something, isn't the same as "will" or even "is likely to".  Dramatic weather sites FTW.

Most sites seem to agree that it (Irene) won't hit D.C. until late Saturday or Sunday.  Since I'm flying out on Monday morning, I might just be fine.

Anyways, I'll probably just go and if my flight gets delayed, then it sucks to be me, but I'll probably live...

No word yet of if the Nova is going to be canceled or not.  Probably not though- I can't imagine the catastrophe it would turn into if it were- flights already paid for, people driving half way across the country, me staying up all of tonight to paint 6 more Reavers... people might go ape shit.  Not to mention Mike trying to back out on renting the space from the Hotel.

So anyways.  I'll be keeping track of it as it moves along tonight.  But I still expect to be going.

Cya all later.

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