Monday, May 23, 2011

Update to my Gaming Life

So, update time today I guess, since y'all are dying to know what I've been up to, right?


Well, summer school is rough lately.  200 pages of reading (no exaggeration) a night is killer.  Luckily about 100 pages of it can be found on sparknotes, which takes much less time to read :)

Last weekend I went to the Semi-finals for Fantasy 'Ard Boyz.  Those battle reports should be up sometime this week.  I don't wanna give away what happened though- suspense as a device to make people read my blog more FTW lol.

I've decided not to go to the Fantasy Throne of Skulls I qualified a while back for.  It's in June, and really, why go to Vegas if you're just going to play wargames?  I can play wargames anywhere.  I can think of a million (well, a couple less than that) things I can do in Vegas that I can't do anywhere else.  So, whereas I'm still going to go to Vegas this summer hopefully, it won't be because of wargames :)

However, BoLSCON (I'm going to stubbornly keep calling it that, despite all the pressure to call it 'Wargames Con') is coming up in July, and I'm excited for that.  I've already bought the plane tickets, the Con tickets, and I'm ready to fly out!  It should be fun, I'm hoping to get 5th overall this time (since the other times I got 7th and 6th overall respectively).

I'm also trying hard to get my Dark Eldar painted in time to bring them to BoLSCON.  I'm actually pretty sure that a finesse army like Dark Eldar will take me longer than a month of play with them to be able to win the whole thing, but you never know!  I like my list (it does really well in TheoryHammerLand), and it'll at least look nice on the tabletop :-p  Left to paint (and assemble, for that matter) I have:
  • 5 Hellions
  • 3 Reavers
  • 1 Ravager
  • 10 Warriors
  • 3 Wracks
  • 7 Incubi
  • 4 Razorwings
  • 3 Beastmasters
  • 4 Venoms
Don't worry, I've got a lot more than just this done so far.  Thank God.
lol, wow, that's a lot of stuff I gotta paint.  However, give me about two weeks of 'free' time and I can finish them off in time, I'm confident.  What I do have thus far looks good though. haha.  Expect some battle reports for them soon though, as I'll get the rest of the models I need about June 2-4.

Later in the summer, I'll be going to the Nova Open, where I'll be attempting to claw my way into glory, just like the other 256 people who will be there.  Maybe by then I'll actually be good with my Dark Eldar :)

Lol, I overuse this picture, don't I?
Otherwise, I guess 'Ard Boyz for 40k is coming soonish, (I guess July?), which I'm stoked to actually get a chance to do well as opposed to last year, where I very embarrassingly (forgot?) to qualify for the semis. 

In September, there'll be Tacticon, which will hopefully involve a 40k GT (the tournament is changing hands, so I don't know what sort of tournament they'll fun), and a 'fun' Sunday Fantasy Tournament. 

And then in November, I guess Feast of Blades is actually throwing a con, which should be fun.  Looks like I can swing it, my wifey's birthday is the day before it starts, but at least it's not on her b-day.  Looks like it'll be cool.  I don't need to worry about qualifying this time either, since I won the whole thing last time. 

Speaking of which, Chandler finally got around to sending the Banner down to my LGS, after about two months of waiting.  It's cool though, at least we get it for another 6 months (hopefully another 18, since I'll of course try the repeat).  

So for tournaments, here's the quick and easy:

  •  'Ard Boyz 40k sometime in June
  • BoLSCON in early July
  • Nova Open in Late August
  • Tacticon in early September
  • Feast of Blades Con in early November
And there you have it, folks!  Lots of tournaments, lots of painting, lots of ... that's about it.

Oh yeah, I'm going to buy a new camera soon (sometime before BoLSCON).  Woot!


Thor said...

Damn, you're a busy man.

Caldera02 said...

Dude, I'm glad your coming down to Wargamescon! Yea we know it's technically BOLSCon but w/e GW sucks. Their game is awesome but You need to get lots of games with your darkies in before you come down! It's taken me since Nov to get really good with only have a couple of months! heh Least you won't have to play me or deal with dice offs! Cya soon!