Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rediscovering Angels Link

Hey there folks!  Super swamped with homework today (and this whole week!) but I wanted to do something of use for people to read if they haven't thus far.  I've written a bunch of articles for Jawaballs about Blood Angels, and I since Jawa doesn't seem to want to post up links on his own site for them, I figured I'd give myself a little publicity, lol.  So, the following are the links for the various 'Rediscovering Angels' series I've done (It's about Blood Angels).  I'll be writing another one today, so look out for that in the next week or so on Jawa's blog (or just check here- I'll be updating it just like I update my Battle Report Log.  (this link will be right below the Batrep Log link on the top right)

And so it begins... (just my intro post)

Rediscovering Angels Part 1:  What they do best (my overview on the army as a whole)
Rediscovering Angels Part 2: The Librarians
Rediscovering Angels Part 3:  The Assault Squad
Rediscovering Angels Part 4: A closer look at Death Company
Rediscovering Angels Part 5: Vanguard Veterans
Rediscovering Angels Part 6: An Argument for Attack Bikes
Rediscovering Angels Part 7: The Predators
Rediscovering Angels Part 8: Sanguinary Priests
Rediscovering Angels Part 9:  Sternguard? 
Rediscovering Angels Part 10:  Honor Guard!


ServvsUmbrarum said...

I have to say that these articles are some of the most informational guides I've read to date about the Blood Angels. They most certainly 'redifined' the way I play my Ravens.

"The Initate"

Balian said...

I was wondering if you could do one on tactical squads and/or honour guard. If possible

Xaereth said...

Heh, I'd be happy to, Balian- I'll do one of the two next in fact :)

Look out for the Sternguard article I wrote coming up tomorrow after about 2 weeks just sitting there waiting for the Jawa to post it, lol.