Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solid but cheap, camera?

Hey there folks, hows it going?  Today is yet another short one.  It's a question:  what's a good hobby camera that I can get, for about $100?  I don't want to do anything too crazy with it- just take *fast* Battle Report pictures, and some decent WIP pictures that don't go all dim and weird when I don't use the flash.

I have my eye on this one, but I'm sure someone else has a better idea of what to buy than I have.  Give me links, I want to buy the thing soon!

Coming tomorrow:  'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Battle Report!


ServvsUmbrarum said...

Doesn't look like a bad camera. I use my Droid (8.0 MP) its not as good as that one (12.0) but I'm not really getting a lot of traffic on my blog so I cannot justify it yet.

"The Initiate" -

dzer0 said...

At the $100 price range, most of the named brand cameras are going to be about the same. I generally prefer Cannon to other brands, but Nikon is a top contender.

Do not put too much stock into the actual Megapixel rating, all that tells you is how big the native picture you are taking is and has nothing to do with picture quality.
My 6mpx Cannon laughs at my 8mpx Droid X for instance.

I find that my Cannons (point and shoot and DSLR) take better pictures than my Sony or my Nikon cameras right out of the box (without any setting tweaks), but for taking pictures of minis you need to setup a whole light studio and mess with all of the settings away so it does not really matter in the end.

You may want to look at the product reviews on before making a final purchase but again, at that price range they are all going to be about the same.

Also, check this out for minis: