Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Wracks, Grotesques, and Haemonculi Pictures!

Yeah, I know these aren't the models I mentioned, but I still think they look awesome.  Shame I will probably never use one.

Hey folks, looks like the new models for Wracks, Grotesques, and Haemonculi are finished and about to be released.  Lots of whining over 'un-dynamic' models, but I actually like them all.  See what you think!

Grotesques.  Probably my least favorite of the three, but still cool, if you can get over the fact they only have one pose in this picture.

The Haemonculus' little box thingy is cool- wonder what's in it :-p

I especially like the Wracks, for some reason.
I heard these are coming out soon with GW's Finecast release.  Hopefully the one in a few days- I need to get my hands on a Haemonculus and 3 wracks in the next month or so!

What are your thoughts?  Do they hold up to the other Dark Eldar model range?


Beast_a_la_Mode said...

I said this in the warparty forums but I think they look amazing, whats not so amazing is what the cost of running full ten man squads of wracks is going to be

ServvsUmbrarum said...

I do really like those models. I'm just waiting for a codex update for the SOB. Please GW stop tempting me I've made a commitment to wait until their codex...

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