Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beast Squads = Expensive

Wow, just bought 156 points of Beasts for Dark Eldar.  156 points = $164.  Got raped, absolutely zero doubt, but I needed the models before the metal runs out and I can't get my hands on them before BoLSCON.  At least the models look cool though? lol  Here's what I bought:

3x Beastmasters
5x Khymerae
4x Razorwings

So I actually ended up paying $1.05 per point.  How disgusting is that?  Is there a worse deal out there?  I'm sure there is, you should tell me what it is :-p


Black Blow Fly said...

My Grey Knights are expensive - my army counts as Knights of Blood - I had to use box of standard terminators plus a box of GKT and the SW GH to convert them. Those beasts are really expensive !!


Commander_Vimes said...

Kroot Hounds. 6 point model; 2 for 14$. Absolutely brutal

tzeentchling said...

Chaos Hounds for Khymerae, perhaps, with some modification. Bat Swarms for Razorwings?