Thursday, May 19, 2011

Min Wracks vs. Min Warriors

 Hey there folks, hows it going today?  In an attempt to tweak my list as thoroughly as possible, I've been playing around with my Dark Eldar numbers quite a bit.  I like my supporting elements quite a bit- here's what I've got (remember, supporting elements):

19x Hellions w/ Baron

7x Incubi in Raider

Beastmasters (5x Khymerae, 4x Razorwings)
6x Reavers w/ 2x Heat Lances
6x Reavers w/ 2x Heat Lances


So, lots of fun support. 

What I have to work with after all this is:

5 Troop Slots
2 Elite Slots

529 points

Here's what I want from these slots:

  • Lots of good anti-troop (Venoms)
  • Some anti-tank
  • Well-spread scoring options
Here's one possible troop build:

5x Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom w/ 2x Splinter Cannons- 125 points

- This option gives me 8 Rifle shots, and a single S8 AP2 shot at 18" range, without factoring in the Venom at all.

Another possible troop build:

3x Wracks w/ Venom w/ 2x Splinter Cannons- 95 points

-Zero additional anti-tank, but very cheap for scoring dudes with FNP, and poisoned weapons help in CC

So, with our 529 points, let's get some options.

(remember, the goal is to generally max out on Venoms, but still optimize anti-tank)

Option A:

3x Wracks w/ Venom
3x Wracks w/ Venom
3x Wracks w/ Venom
3x Wracks w/ Venom

3x Trueborn w/ 3x Blasters, Raider

(not necessarily going to be that exact configuration of vehicles)

Option B:

3x Wracks w/ Venom
5x Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom
5x Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom
5x Warriors w/ Blaster, Venom

Flickerfields on Ravagers/Raider

Option A has:
  • 1 more lance weapon
  • Blasters in a single, non-scoring squad
  • Better ability to hold objectives
Option B has:
  • Same number of scoring units
  • More ranged anti-troop
  • Spread out anti-tank
  • Fewer Kill points
I'm kind of leaning toward Option A, simply because I already have quite a bit of anti-infantry in the army already (venoms + hellions + incubi + beasts + reavers if needed), and the Wracks can do at least a little bit of damage with their poisoned CC attacks.

I think the key point of contention is honestly, in how spread out I want the Blasters to be. 

The throwaway squad is nice to have when I don't want to risk three scoring units going down. 

However, being able to potentially shake or stun up to three vehicles in a turn has better overall potential.

One thing to remember however, is that statistically, 3 blasters will get a single result against AV12, regardless of how spread out the rolls are (3 shoot, 2 hit, 1 glances/pens).

The throwaway squad will die, yes.  But being able to pick which vehicle doesn't shoot at me in a turn is nice.  Dependable as numbers can get too.

The warriors w/ blasters might be able to get side armor shots easier though, because they're more spread out. 

Remember that Venoms will generally want to be moving 12" every turn anyways- and then the warriors can't fire.

Heh, as a random aside, Option A has 21 Kill points, Option B has 19 Kill points, which is as much as my Guard has, all of them easier to attain as well.  Both very nearly max out the FOC, which is a little bit awesome, heh :-p

Not sure how I'll get over the KP disadvantage.  Guess we'll see, lol

What's your choice?  I'm kind of torn.  Especially since I already painted 5 warriors, lol.

Will it be:

This guy, albeit with splinter rifle

This guy(s)


tzeentchling said...

I'd mix it up, maybe put 2 warrior squads and 2 wrack squads, allowing you the redundancy and flexibility to choose who goes where. You could even non-min the Wracks, maybe go for 5 with a liquifier if you use this option.

AbusePuppy said...

A single Blaster shot in a Warrior squad just isn't reliable enough- I would instead add a sagre w/Blast Pistol to the squad as well, which lets you get a five-strong team to fit inside a Venom (for good anti-infantry) while still getting sufficient anti-tank in the squad.

Wracks are also good, and mixing them up a bit isn't a terrible idea. I agree that non-minimum squads there are a good plan- five Wracks is my default number.

Commander_Vimes said...

If you're set on min squads go with warriors because 3 Wracks will not accomplish anything other than being ignored. Warriors are nearly as ignorable, but at least can put out a few rifle shots. Three Wracks will lose to Tau in combat.