Friday, July 29, 2011

Selling the old Chaos Space Marines (pictures!)

Well, the day has finally come for me to get rid of my old Chaos Marine army.  It's been a good army, but I haven't played it for like 2 years, and it's not really doing me much good as it is.  I like the models, and when I was finished painting it, I declared it my 'best painted army, ever', which is really was, at the time.

While I've grown as a painter, this army is still quite reasonably painted, showing a lot of line highlights and even a little green stuff on the Oblits, along with some (if I do say so myself) really good skin on them.

As an addition, I have won tournaments with this army, including my first 'Best Overall' RTT (24 players no less!) along with a couple other RTT's and Team Tournaments.  In fact, I've never lost a tournament I've played with them, though it was of course 2 years ago or so, before most people really understood the edition (including myself, most likely, lol)

Here's a link to the one battle report I wrote about it (preblog, lol)

I'm listing it on ebay, but mostly just want to show some pictures of the army, and link to this site itself so I don't have to pay for extra pictures :-p

Here's the link to the auction on ebay

I wish I could hold on to this old army, but the fact is, I don't have a ton of room in my house right now, and this army is very unlikely to be used by myself.  I want it to actually see use.  It's a worthy army, I just don't see a reason to hold on to it when I could be holding on to some money instead, lol.

So, here's some pictures of the army I'll be sad to lose :(

The overview of what I'm selling

The... left side of the overview?

....and the right side

First squad of 8 Berzerkers (8 is Khorne's number, if you didn't know, haha)

Another 8 Berzerkers, w/ Power Fist Champ.  Don't worry, they come with Rhinos, they'll be on here later.  Also, Kharn.  See what a Fluff Bunny I am? (HA)

Plague Marines, 7 of them to be exact (2 Meltaguns, 1 Champ w/ Fist)

Here is a bunch of random Berzerker models, back when for some reason I wanted an all-green Chaos army, and therefore painted them green.  Easily strip-able in Simple Green, some don't have bases, some have old bases, and some have the cool skull ones from Micro Arts Studio.  Also a few extra medium-sized skull bases.

Here's Belacour, a limited-edition Demon Prince.  He's metal, but also a very cool sculpt.  Not too common either.  I dithered for a long time whether or not to sell this bad boy.

My oblits!  One fell off the base, and one's arm fell off.  I'll glue them back on before they're shipped, but I should warn prospective buyers- they're going to shed weapons and arms fairly frequently, though the greenstuff I used on the arms will help a little bit.  I don't expect their shipment to be great for them, though I will be bubble-wrapping them.

See?  I like the skin on my oblits :-p

If you don't want Oblits, why not take Defilers?  One is a Soul Grinder model.  Both painted nurgle-esq

This is the first model I ever magnetized.  Not sure why I did it to this guy.  No weapon changes for the arms- you're stuck with pure close combat arms.

Heh, this is my unopened (resin) Demon Prince.  It's also included.

The price tag says $32.  Wonder how much it is these days...

Yay for Rhinos!  One for each squad

Well, guess that's it folks!

Adding them up with current prices for models, the breakdown is this:

Demon Prince- $35
Belacour- not for sale anymore
Kharn- $20

Rhino- $33
Rhino- $33
Rhino- $33

10x Berzerkers- $37.25
10x Berzerkers- $37.25
7x Plague Marines- $45

Defiler- $66 (seriously)
Defiler- $66
9x Obliterators- $200.25

Grand Total: $605.75

  • The price does not take into account the (Rare) Belacour model
  • The price does not take into account the price of the bases
  • The price does not take into account the extra Berzerkers included
  • The price does not take into account the cost/time/effort of my painting them all
  •'s just the exact prices you pay for the models from GW
Add in the rare Belacour Model, the bases, and the paintjob, it's easily worth over $700.

So, guess that's it.  I think I'll start bidding at $400, with free shipping.  Great deal for anyone, even taking into account the cheaper prices at places like the Warstore, etc.  If nobody wants it for that low of a price, I think I'll have to find a way to keep it.  It's just not worth selling for less than that.

Alright, no more sales pitch.  Have a good weekend :)

ebay link, again

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