Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Honor of Kyle Doyle

An (extremely) sad thing happened last Friday:  a local gamer named Kyle Doyle was killed in a car accident in Nebraska.  I didn't know Kyle on anything more than a 'we're friends at the same gamestore who enjoy hanging out' sort of basis, but I feel the need to honor him in what small way I can.

Kyle was one of those guys you could describe as the 'glue that makes the club hold together'.  He was constantly running events, teaching new/young players how to play, using armies that nobody deemed as competitive (and winning quite often with them), and just being a generous, good dude all around.

Our standing joke in games went like so:

Dear *Wolfstar*,
Fuck.  You.
Love, Kyle

And back the other way with his (old) Grey Knight Grand Master that could insta-death my Bear Lord :-p

I suppose I could go on, about how fun he was to play, and how good a guy like him is for any club or game shop, but I think I'll keep it concise, as I find this a more difficult subject matter to write on than I had imagined.

Any gamer would be proud to have his legacy- how many people could die right now, and have as many extremely positive things said about them, unanimously spoken, with no sour grapes behind it?  The answer is very, very few.

We'll miss you Kyle. 



Duke said...

Truly a sad loss. Have you heard if there is anything we can do to help the family?


Xaereth said...

Not really sure man. If someone who has a better answer than me reads this, feel free to fill us in :)