Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How I painted my Razorwing Flocks

So really, I don't want this to take forever.  Figured I'd take pictures, and I'll explain as we go along, but it really isn't very complicated.  These models took me about 3 hours to paint, including their bases, which is actually far quicker on average than any other models from the rest of my Dark Eldar.  Anyways, here are some pictures, with explanations:

So, I don't have white primer, which would have been better, had I felt like spending another $12 on spray that I won't really ever use.  Here you can see that I painted the middle of them Bleached Bone first, followed up with a layer of Skull White- that way I didn't have to cake on the skull white.  The ones on the top are the bone color :-p

So, these guys are all white in the middle now.  What color is next, you ask?

Why, yellow of course.  It's one of those colors I'm not very good with yet- maybe there's a more efficient way to get yellow on the model and not have to cake it on, but I haven't figured it out yet.  It goes on well enough with white underneath though.

Now here I've added the foundation red color... I think it's called Mechrite Red.  Pretty good red by GW, it's dark, but goes onto black really well, which is the point, since their brighter reds don't go on black well.

And here's a brighter red- Blood Red.  It does go on quite nicely to the foundation red.  It's all about layering, lol.  Well, for me it is.  I'm sure all you awesomesauce painters out there are laughing at my simplicity.  :-p

Here you can kind of see that I drybrushed the whole model with some white.  The model now officially looks like shite, amirite?

but now I've applied ink washes, which makes everything look way, way better.  Gryphon Sepia for the yellow, and Baal Red for the red- ink washes really help out a ton.  They're a crutch :-p

Here's a terrible picture of them, finally finished, with their beaks painted black, and their eyes have a speck of white I doubt you can see here.

And now they're on their bases!  You might be able to see eyes on some of these guys, but it's cool if you can't- just trust me, they're there.  As a side note, this is after I gave them a good coat of Tester's Clear Coat (amazing stuff, that).

And this is an awful picture of the Razorwings, who have finally joined their family, and will have to start breeding furiously soon, since I foresee a mini-genocide of Razorwings in the upcoming tournament (BoLSGamesCon).  Hopefully this weekend I'll take more pictures of the army, since it's finally finished, and I have only to make a display board (which will hopefully be ready for the NOVA in August)

Well, that was short and sweet, wasn't it.  If you have questions, feel free to ask them.  Like I said before though, it's pretty simple.  Mostly I just wanted to take some pictures and put them up on the newly formatted blog, showing off how big the pictures can be now that I was allowed to adjust the width of the stupid posts, lol.

Have a good one, I'm going to bed (though this is going up in the morning). 


Oh, and someone leave a comment.  I want to see if it emails me when someone else comments- so far I know it won't when I leave one, but that would make sense, I think.


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