Monday, July 4, 2011

New Layout, New Everything

Well folks, I've been meaning to revamp the blog a little bit, and I guess this is the result!  Some stuff, in a fun Bullet-point list:

  • Got a better comment system- Disqus allows people to reply to each other, which is quite nice.
  • Sadly Disqus wiped all my previous comments.  Not sure if/how I could have prevented that, but if I wanted to switch, I knew that was likely to happen.  Still quite sad :(
  • Got a new blogger 'Template', which allows me to have wider posts, which allows bigger pictures
  • The bigger pictures are actually quite a big deal, since I do so many Battle Reports- now you don't have to click on the pictures quite so often when you read them :)
  • Added the links at the top, to the labels you might be interested in
  • Added labels to a lot of my old stuff, and deleted some labels to a few posts that I didn't find as relevant or useful any more
So, there it is!  Tell me what you think!  Hopefully this makes my site a lot more accessible- I personally like it much better.

If the colors clash, or something is hard on the eyes, please let me know- I want to make sure it's a good change!

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