Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I've been up to

Hey there folks, how's it going?  Since I haven't been at all active on my blog lately, figured I'd give you an update so you know I'm still around, and still want to blog :-p

I've been doing lots of things, including like 8-12 hours of school every day (4.5 of class, the rest in homework) and painting and playing.  It doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.  However.

Yesterday I finally bought four venoms.  I'm going to assemble them tomorrow (well, today since I'm setting this to post Sunday morning) and then... it's time to play some games.

I've got lots of games with Dark Eldar scheduled, against opponents as diverse as Double Land Raider, Grey Knight shooty spam, Blob Imperial Guard, and hopefully I can get in a game or two with some Mech Imperial Guard lists.  Stuff I need to make sure I can beat.  Razorspam is also somewhat scary, especially if I don't get to go first.

I also bought a new camera, which should be in soon.  Maybe it'll help with better, more detailed battle reports, though that doesn't seem super likely.  What I hope it helps with are my WIP posts, so that you guys can actually see what I'm painting.  Then I can get lots of pictures of my guys from various armies.  Some of it you might even want to see, lol.

Otherwise, I've been plugging away at painting Dark Eldar- once I get the venoms done, it'll be a major downhill slope.

I've also been considering bases for them.  Something from Micro Arts Studios or Secret Weapon Miniatures I think.  Truth is, I only have a few bases to paint- 15 warriors, 7 incubi, 3 wracks, 1 haemonculus, and 9 beasts is what I need bases for.  Everything else has a flying base, haha.  Madness.

So, once I get some Dark Eldar under my belt, I can start posting up content.  I want to do lots of battle reports, and some good tacticas- once I'm sure I know what I'm about.

Figured I'd give an update though.  Hope you guys are coping without me :-p

Any suggestions on sweet bases, feel free to let me know.  Or suggestions for other things.  I like to hear from you!


Duke said...

I personally like the Scibor bases myself... BUt it takes forever to get them (sent from poland). So I guess it depends on if you want them in time for WargamesCon or not.


Duke said...
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