Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of Day 1 in Omaha (pictures!)

Exiting, exciting Nebraska
Well, just a quick one today.  Day 1 of the Bugeater GT is dead and gone.  The games were all fun, the players each great dudes- as good a day of gaming as I've had in a while, in short.

I'm setting this... go up in the morning- most of you won't read it anyways since it's Sunday tomorrow, lol.

It's in a High School, which was/is awesome.

We ate lunch here- the debate team for the High School is running concessions and had a 'meal deal' at the High School, involving pizza and cookies- every nerd's dream, lol :)

We're playing in a big basketball court/gym.  I wonder how long this thing's been up there :-p

So far, everyone's been extremely friendly, and I've enjoyed myself greatly.

As to how I did- I don't want to give anything away.  I'll just say that I'm still 'in' it to win something, meaning I very well might not.  We'll just see.  :)

After the day of gaming, we went to a casino on the river here (Harrahs), where we were treated extremely rudely, so we left.  Pretty useless place.  Don't go there- they don't give free drinks or let you take your drinks out of the casino.  They also don't have $5 Blackjack, and there were other things too which I don't want to talk about :-p

Otherwise, it's been fun.  The swag bag was pretty good too- I'll go into further detail when I do my full tournament report.  I have lots and lots of pictures.

For now, I'm going to bed in the sparse yet comfortable Motel 6 (hahaha, the guy I went to this event with thinks we're 'slumming' it).  This is the store we can see out the window:

Nebraska FTW

So, having fun, still 'in' the tournament to some extent, and taking lots of pictures.  Look for it (the tournament report) sometime next week!

I'm tired and going to sleep.  Have a good one!

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