Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nova Open- some new developments

...don't worry- I'm still working on the Bugeater GT report

Well, new developments for me, at least.  After the Nova Open was an enormous success last year, it's kind of blown up- GT's all over the country have been using the 'Nova Format', people are changing the way they play practice games, etc.  The format is excellent, since the W/L format allows play down to a single undefeated player in a tournament setting, while allowing the traditionalist tourney-goer to still garner battle points and try for best overall (called renaissance man in some events).  It's a pretty unique situation, and I'm excited to bring my talent (haha, or lack thereof) to DC for a weekend of challenging and sometimes (hopefully) ridiculous gaming.

It appears that I'll be involved in the Whiskey Challenge this
year (Thursday night before the 'action' begins in earnest), playing none other than that layabout Chumbalaya, from Blackjack and Hookers. :-p  I'm sure you've seen him around the internets- well, the internets like 6 months ago.  He recently kind of dropped off the planet, and is only now resurfacing- only time will tell if he will use the powers of his internets celebrity for good, or for awesome.  Last year he made waves in the Nova, and I'm sure he'll do it again.  Should be fun- either way, there's Whiskey involved, and the con is going to start with a bang.

It also appears that I've qualified for the Nova Invitational event on Friday, since I won the Feast of Blades earlier this year.  It's going to be a rough, rough tournament with 31 of the toughest players in the country doing battle with each other, each seeking the $1000 cash prize support, either as Ren man or as the single undefeated player.  32 players means that it will take 5 games to get down to a single undefeated, and it's all on Friday.  This means that I'll be playing in a 5-game tournament against some of the best players in the country before the 8-game 2-day GT begins.  Heh, it's only 1750 points though.  That should count for something, right?

Then of course, there's the 8-game 256 player GT on Saturday and Sunday, which will be a veritable 'who's who' from the internets, with all sorts of internet personalities vying to be the single undefeated player.

So let's recap:

Thursday: Whiskey Challenge vs. Chumbalaya
Friday:  5 games in the Invitational
Saturday: 4 games in the GT itself
Sunday:  4 more games in the GT

....which gives me a total of 14 games in about 72 hours.  All of which are going to be against good to very good players.

This then begs the question:  what army should I take?

I'll discuss it more at length later, once my tournament report for the Bugeater is finished and I can refer to that as part of my decision-making progress.  Figured I'd let y'all know what's going on here though first- should be an excellent time this year at the Nova Open!


eriochrome said...

Necrons, no Ctans.

Commander_Vimes said...

That's a daunting amount of games. I think you're going to be eating raw coffee beans for meals just to stay awake, and I hope to god you don't have to operate any sort of vehicle larger than a tricycle to get home.

As to what to take; whichever you think is your best army. Your wolfstar is well practiced and terrifying, but your DE are intimidating as well. I think it depends on how comfortable you are with the DE.