Monday, December 20, 2010

Upcoming Stuff

Hey, what's up folks!  After an entirely brutal two weeks of projects and finals, I'm finally done with school for a month, which means more time! More time for what, exactly?  Well, clearly blogging a little bit is a good idea, but also to paint and play more games.  It'll be nice to actually have enough time to spend with my wife and wargame to my heart's content.

So, this break, I'll be painting a ton, hopefully.  Here's what I want to get mostly painted:

Dark Elves (including 20 crossbowmen, 15 black guard, and 10 spearmen)

Blood Angels (including 20 jump marines, 2 razorbacks, Mephiston)

Space Wolves (including 10 scouts, 10 Grey Hunters, 5 Wolf Guard, 2 Rune Priests)

Cryx (including... the whole army lol.  Lots and lots of painting)

Orks (lots of Orks.  Lots and lots and lots of Orks.  Way too many.  More on them later)

So, it's a somewhat steep order, I realize.  I think the key is to simply stay consistent, and try for 5 models/day.  This equates to around 5 hours painting every day, which is tough, but not impossible.  Here's my first group of 5 that I painted yesterday: (click for BIGGER PICTURE)

They have shields for a 5+/6++ in combat, and a 5+ vs. shooting, lol.  I'm pretty happy with how the serpent turned out as well.

So, what upcoming stuff?  I guess I can tell you.  Lots of things to plan for.  Here's some bullets for fun:
  • Warmachine Grow League
  • Team Tournament in late January
  • Genghis Con
  • Adepticon
  • 'Tournament Season'

Warmachine Grow League:

I'll be 'growing' Cryx, since I think they fit my playstyle well.  The casters are cool, the army is good, and the models are... eh.  So-so.

Team Tourney in late January:

Me and my pal Angry Richard are trying to get our shit painted for the 2500 point team tournament.  It'll be good, because right now, we aren't at all on track to get the Orks done in time for the Adepticon Team Tournament.  This should help to motivate us.

Genghis Con:

This year's con is gonna be awesome.  First, a 5-game GT for 40k over the course of two days.  Then on Sunday a Fantasy tournament.  Last year I got 2nd overall at both events- hopefully I can do as well this year, despite the fact that I've played a grand total of 6 fantasy games in 8th edition.


In early April, I'll be going down to Chi-town to compete in the newly revised W/L championship format they've adopted.  Team Tournament will be fun- our Orks will at least hopefully look good.  If I don't qualify for the 2nd day of the championships, I'll be playing in the Warmachine event.

'Tournament Season':

Adepticon kind of  starts this, really, but this summer I'll be going to lots of 'big' events.  For sure on the list so far are the Nova, and Yeticon.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it back to BoLSCon (still refusing to call it 'Wargames Con', lol) and potentially even the Vegas tournament, since I'm actually qualified to play in the stupid-ass GT Games Workshop is supposedly holding, for both Fantasy and 40k.

So far, no idea what army I want to bring to play in all these bigish tournaments.  It'll probably end up being between my Blood Angels and newly re-tooled Wolves, but who knows?  Maybe I'll go crazy and build a Grey Knights army :)

Anyways, anything coming up in your wargaming life that deserves mention?  Anyone going to any of the events I've talked about?  Half the fun of those kinds of events is meeting new people.  I'm pretty stoked for this coming year...


Black Blow Fly said...

Maybe we can rematch at Denver or chitown . Prophetic words ?


Loquacious said...

So so? I love the pistol wraiths and the Deathjack- and can Terminus BE any more gorgeous? sorry- I don't play Cryxx, but I love a lot of the models.

Xaereth said...

Loq: Heh, I think I'm just discouraged by how eDenegrah looks. Put her together last night and she really doesn't look very cool. Maybe she'll look better once I've painted her.

You're right, some of them really do look good, though warjacks have never really captured my fancy as far as models go- I much prefer warbeasts :)

BBF: Heh, maybe we will dude. You gonna be at Genghis?

Kyle said...

By "start a Grey Knight Army" you mean run your wolves as Grey Knights right ;P? Long Fangs make great purgation squad proxies.

Black Blow Fly said...

Ill be a Genghis this Feb. See ya there.

: )