Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas LoL

Everyone's blog says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays on it, so I guess I have to follow suit.

Actually, I just wanted to say sorry for not being that consistent of late.  Break means that I get out of my 'get things done' mentality, which means that not only have I been slacking here, but also on Jawa's blog.  No weekly battle report,
no Rediscovering Angels Part 4, no anything really.  So, sorry about that, if you care.  Hopefully it'll get better, since my work schedule will be just about cut in half- I'll be putting up some stuff, including my continuing escapades with my Salamanders, and some random 40k thoughts in general.

Also, I added another poster here, I'm not sure when he'll start posting, there's no real rush.  He's going to be talking about Warmachine and other random stuff like speed painting.

Hopefully by the end of break I'll have a fully painted Dark Elf army, and start putting out my thoughts on Fantasy in general, and Dark Elves in specific.  Maybe I can even drag a few guys in from my LGS to play Fantasy and get some batreps going.

I'm also thinking to start doing some kind of 'Warmachine Wednesday' here- how much interest would there be from my current readers?  I'm guessing not much, since most people come here for 40k stuff.  I'm just curious.

My incoherent ramblings are finished for now, thanks for reading.  Hope you have a great rest of the year :)

Here are a few pictures of the painting I've accomplished so far this break:

Assault Marines for my Blood Angels.  Yes, he has a hammer.  Yes, I think it's cooler than a fist so I'm paying an extra 5 points for it.  Bloodletter swords on the others FTW.

The backs... woo.

Think you guys already saw these specific five models.

Not much to see.  Same models.

Different models, same squad as above.  Musician and standard for the awesome.

More hiney shots.

Wolf Scouts w/ a melta gun.  I haven't even put their wolf guard w/ combi/fist together yet.  Yes, some of those are bloodletter swords as well, lol.  Other weapons are from the Chaos Knight set (a sword and the huge axe).  I'm using Empire Flagellants for the model itself, with weapon swaps being my main conversion.
Not sure why I colored their hair all white- it seems kinda dumb to have a predominately white model have white hair, but that's what I did.

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