Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glad to be here

Hi everyone, I recently beat Xaereth in a game of 40k, passing his test he invited me to bring my version of ice cream covered justice to his quest to take over the internets. I have been wargaming for just over 4 years, I have played many different armies in many different systems but I am currently playing Blood Angels, High Elves, and Cygnar.

I consider myself a hybrid gamer, I make list with
the intention of tabling my opponent but enjoy the fluff and background in the different universes so I try and follow some sort of theme with most my lists. I like to think this makes me some type of a daywalker (yes a blade reference)- I play optimized lists and usually have a good chance of winning but people still enjoying facing off against me.

Xaereth handles 40k and Blood Angels extremely well so I'll be covering mostly Warmachine, a little bit of Fantasy, and how to take an army from box to tabletop as fast as possible.

I also do many things other than wargaming.  I'm currently training for the NFL combine so if there are any football fan followers who would like to hear about that, maybe I could convince Xaereth to expand the scope of the blog, if not then eff jocks lets play some wargames.

And to reward those who read this far I present girl ninjas:

Editor's Note:  Heh, it's true that Beast beat me the other day with his pred spam Blood Angels list, and someday you'll even get to see the batrep for it- it'll be a while though, since I kind of have a backlog of batreps right now for Salamanders.

That's not why I asked him to start posting here though- he's a great player at both 40k and Warmachine (never played against him in Fantasy), and knows a lot more than I do about Warmachine.  I understand the system well enough for my own purposes, but he for sure knows the casters and models way better than I do, and has a way better understanding of the game itself than I do.

I'm sure you'll enjoy what he has to say- at the very least, I'm sure you enjoyed the Ninjas :)


Wyzard said...

How in depth are you going to go into warmachine? Are you going to break down casters/units/factions because I was looking at picking up a second faction (currently have khador).

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

I can go really in depth if people would like, the one issue is that there are so many units and casters that It could take a while. If there is a specific faction your considering I can start with them.

I should have my speed painting article finished by today then I'll get into some warmachine breakdowns.

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

ps how've you been wyzard?

Wyzard said...

I'm doing pretty good, I miss the FC but all the family is here.

As for how in depth, I guess I am just most curious about your thoughts on warcasters/warlocks.

I am mostly interested in the following, any insights would be awesome.

•Lieutenant Allister Caine
•Epic: Captain Allister Caine
•Captain Jeremiah Kraye
•Captain Kara Sloan

•Fiona the Black

•Mohsar the Desertwalker

Beast_a_la_Mode said...

I'm actually play eCaine right now and have played against Feora a lot, I'll do a write up of those and some other casters after my painting artcicle.

Wyzard said...

Nice! I am most interested in eCaine so thats awesome