Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Defenders of the Adeptus Mechanicus Part 3: Pictures of the Army!

An Article by C.J. Young

Hello Everyone,

This is the final installment of Defenders of the Adeptus Mechanicus aside from some possible future work I might do on this army! First is the history of my Knight Titan Order the Knights of Victus. Lastly, I present the pictures of the army that stole much of my time over the last year. Let me know what you think about the history and army.

A Short History of the Iron Knights of Victus

In 728.M30 The Iron Knights of Victus were commissioned by the Fabricator General of the Mechanicum on sacred Mars to help defend its blessed surface (file 24601). The Knights of Victus quickly became known for their quick temper and aggressiveness in battle. This would ultimately be their undoing during the turbulent days of the Horus Heresy. At the climax of the Mechanicum Civil War on Mars the Knights of Victus rode out to assault Olympus Mons and the traitorous Fabricator General Kelbor Hal (file, suppressed by order of Inquisition). Dispite causing great damage to the Olympus Mons defenses the Knights of Victus were wiped out to the man and there fortress keep was raised to the ground.

 Despite this disaster for the Knights of Victus, a Maniple of Knights was off world assisting in the Emperors Great Crusade. These remaining Knights fought with distinction and honor during the events of the Heresy and following. The Knights found there home world of Mars devastated after the Heresy but, for their valiant (some say foolhardy) service in the Mechanicum Civil War, the new Fabricator General Kain gave the Knights of Victus the right to lay claim to the first world they conquered. In 420.M31 the Knights of Victus assisted the Raven Guard Chapter in conquering the feral world of Hadrian. Finding this world suitable, the Knights of Victus claimed the right of conquest and took this world for their own. 

When Victus claimed this world only three Iron Knights remained from the once great order of Mars. These Knights found a rugged feral landscape and the natives were natural warriors. These three men rebuilt the Knights of Victus, but incorporated many of the feral traditions of their new home world. Soon the Knights would become powerful leaders on this feral world both in times of war and peace. A large Mechanicus forge would soon grow around the Knights Fortress Keep to build and maintain the knight titans. By the year 800.M33 Imperial colonists were also calling Hadrian home.

In the 41st Millennium the Knights of Hadrian are the guardians of the Perium Star Cluster. They maintain dozens of knight titans, thousands of skitarii and there own fleet. They answer the call of beleaguered Imperial worlds, Mechanicus Exploritor Expeditions and many other calls for aid across the Perim Star Cluster. However, their first and greatest duty is to protect the people of Hadrian from the Xenos, the Mutant and the Heretic.

Hadrian is world stuck between two eras. Many of the rural areas of Hadrian are still feudal and feral, but the main continent on Hadrian has many cities and a powerful, but small Mechanicus forge. The Knights of Hadrian livery is green with gold trim in remembrance of the original heraldry of the Knights of Victus who were founded on Sacred Mars. Their symbol is the cog of the Mechanicus with three bolts in the middle in memory of the original three Knights of Victus who saved the order and conquered Hadrian. They are still known to be quite aggressive and are famed for the lighting fast strikes into enemy territory. The Knights retain their original battle cry that was once screamed fighting the traitors of Mars, “Victus Victora”. 

(this concludes a brief and aproved history of the Knights of Victus, Glory to the Omnissiah!)

Signed, Adept Helane Deliqune, 
Master of Hadrian Forge

The Knights of Victus

(Counts as Blood Angels)

Editor's Note:  For bigger pictures, CLICK ON THEM!

Lancer Knight Titan Ira Imperator Piloted by Lord Ingtaius
(Counts as Furioso Librarian Dreadnought)

Lancer Knight Titan Imperiosus Bellum Piloted by Sir Knight Gudius 
(Counts as Dreadnought)

Lancer Knight Titan Equitus Bellum Piloted by Sir Knight Young
(Counts as Dred)

Lancer Knight Titan Apparatus Deus Piloted by Preceptor Agrippa  
(Counts as Furioso Dreadnought)

Lancer Knight Titan Mortis Ius Piloted by Sir Knight Vanir
(Counts as Furioso Dread)

Lancer Knight Titan Pax Mortis Piloted by Sir Knight Victor Cavalero
(Counts as Death Company Dred)

Warden Knight Titan Vitus Ira
(Counts as Land Raider)

Editor's note:  this is the warp gate out of which the guys in the 'land raider' come out of, since the titan itself can't really hold squads.  C.J. didn't mention it and it's always been one of my more favorite things about the army, for some reason.

Cataphractii Gun Team
(Count as Baal Predator)

Mechanicus Skitarii
(Counts as Scouts)

Praetorian Servitors
(Counts as Death Company)

Magos Skitarri, Aglea
(Blood Angel Librarian)

Mechanicus Protectors

(Counts as Assault Marines)

Legio Cybernetica Cataphract

(Counts as Assault Terminators)

(Female counts as leader)

Hope you all have enjoyed viewing my army, because it is one of my favorites! I will be posting more in the future on how it plays and of the things I wish to add to it.
Happy New Year Everyone!


sonsoftaurus said...

Great conversions, love the knights.

Brent said...

Hey CJ, glad you're aboard Delusions - I think you'll make a great addition.

I really, really dig your army. I've got an article idea you may be interested in, if you've a mind.

Give me a holler at Brent at StrictlyAverage dot Com - I'd love to get this site some exposure by featuring you and Xaereth's Counts As armies.


C.J. Young said...

Glad you like it! I would be intrested in that article and I know Adam and I would love to feature!

BagelKnight said...

So... this is freakin awesome. I pretty much run a Iron Knights chapter out of Blood Angels too ( I haven't done any fluff stuff yet with it), but have never really tried any nifty conversion.

I simply love your dreadnoughts. You mentioned using a penitent engine?
I might have to mimic you and try to make something similar for my army!