Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apathy Runs Rampant for 'Ard Boyz (well... for me at least)

Well folks, just a quick one.  'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals is today, and I'm lucky it's only like a 5 minute drive from my house.  Otherwise, I would actually consider missing it.

As it is, I somewhat doubt that I'll do very well.  I only just recently read the missions, and before that, I've done absolutely zero prep/thinking about it.  I haven't played the Wolves since last 'Ard Boyz a month ago, and whereas I'm pretty confident in my ability to play them well regardless, I'm sure a certain amount of rust will show itself at some point  :-p 

Not to mention that I'm not changing a single thing in my list.  I had previously decided to change my Rune Priest's powers from Jaws + Tempests to Living Lightning + Tempests.  I was also going to add a couple storm shields to my Thunderwolves.  However, I accidentally started printing my old list without the revision and... I just shrugged at let it keep going.  Meh.

I looked on our meetup, and it looks like at least one guy is driving (flying?) all the way down from New Mexico.  Guess it's technically "up", but... whatever.  Mapquest tells me that from Albuquerque to Fort Collins is a 7 hour, 39 minute drive.  That guy is either chomping at the bit for a road trip, or he's got a list he's super confident in- even getting 2nd isn't worth it money-wise (well, it wouldn't be to me anyways).

Whatever his motivations, the fact remains that him and likely 20 or more other people attending this event want to win more than me.  Well, maybe not want it more, but they're certainly more willing to put in at least a modicum of effort to win. 

So, here's to an apathetic 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals.  I hope I win :-p

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