Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tacticon is over...

Well folks, Tacticon is done and over.  5 games of 40k followed by 3 games of Fantasy resulted in a mostly enjoyable weekend, with mostly enjoyable opponents and armies :)

I took lots of pictures, and reports will be coming for them as soon as I get done with my 13 Nova reports (which I'll go work on in a minute, as soon as I'm done with this post).

My results were as follows:

For 40k, I ended up tying for 2nd place, but managed (though sportsmanship scores) to give the single opponent who beat me 2nd place, bumping me down to 3rd.  I felt like he deserved it, since he was the only guy in the weekend who went undefeated.  Had I given him my '2nd favorite' sports score or less, I'd have gotten it, so I'm glad I gave him my first!  He deserved it, and this was one reason I enjoy the Nova format so much more than straight up battle points.

I should add that there were only 36 players.  Nothing too huge or exciting- seems I've been spoiled for huge fields of players in the past couple big tournaments I've been to, lol.

Fantasy was my intended relaxed, laugh a whole lot, sort of day.  I expected to lose a few times, and get stomped, since I don't really play Fantasy much at all (like, less than 20 total games in 8th edition). 

Instead, I managed to win two games by the maximum margin, pull a draw, and through a combination of a high sports score and an above average painting score, somehow pulled out Best Overall.  Pretty good result if you ask me- I had stayed up til like 3 am trying to decide whether or not I should even go, and I had to get up at 5:30 to get there in time. 

3 great games, I enjoyed it all greatly.  One of the reasons I won was likely that there were only 30 players in attendance- with 60 or more, I'd have been lucky to have placed at all.  I won't complain, but we should also not draw from this the conclusion that I'm a wonderful player either :-p

Like I said, batreps incoming, though it'll take a while to get to them.

Figured I'd give you an update though :)  Alright, off to work on my Invitational batreps :)

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