Monday, July 28, 2014

Warmachine Batrep #15: SR Tournament Report - 50 points, two casters (Circle- Morv2 + Baldur2) (with pictures!)

Bigger picture later in the report!
Howdy, everyone! Last weekend I went to a Warmachine tournament in Laramie, WY. It had 8 people attend, and I brought Circle Orboros.

I had initially wanted to take Baldur1 and Kreuger2, but I didn't have enough models painted, nor enough time to finish them all. Instead, I went for my already mostly-painted Morv2 list, and my incidentally-almost-painted Baldur2. It made sense as a list pairing, though I would have preferred Baldur1 + Kreuger2 for this particular event. Ah well. At least I got some experience with Morv2, who will more than likely make my 3-list Master's pairing.

Lists and pictures and reports after the jump!

So first, here are my two lists. I will just let you read them for yourself instead of typing them up.

My two lists! My name is actually "Xaereth". "Adam" is just a pseudonym.

Morv2 List, sans the Watcher, Groves, and Stones. Not actually my favorite picture of the army, heh

My Baldur2 Army!

Looking around, the armies represented included:

1x Skorne
1x Circle (me)
1x Khador
1x Legion
1x Menoth
1x Cygnar
1x Convergence
1x Trollbloods

So, kind of a large spread of armies, despite only 8 people showing up :)

One twist - we were required to use both lists before the day was over. That meant that we could potentially be "list-locked" in Game 3.

My first game was against my friend CJ, who has been my travelling companion to several 40k GTs throughout the year. He's just getting back into Warmachine himself.

Game 1: Circle Orboros vs. Skorne

The mission:

Two 6" x 12" zones, offset from each other. Dominate your zone for 1 CP, dominate opponent's zone for 2 CP, control for 1 CP. Objectives in the middle are destroyed for 1 CP, and we can't dominate a zone with a caster if an objective is within your caster's control radius.

Pairings debate:

CJ has Hexeris1 and Makeda1. After reading their cards, I saw that Hexeris1 had a bunch of RFP in it. However, it also had a bunch of stuff that could debuff my beasts, which would make my Baldur2 list even more pillow-fisted. Agonizer + Cannoneer would make my Guardians POW 13 for each hit, haha!

As such, I opted to take Morv2, despite the fact that I was nearly certain he would drop Hexeris.

I was right, and he took Hexeris 1.

His List:



-Reptile Hound
-Reptile Hound
-Reptile Hound

Paingivers (not sure if max or min)
Praetorian Karax (min?)

Extoller Soulward

**I won the roll to go first, and took it.

Pre-game thoughts:

Well, his RFP feat turn was going to hurt, but not a ton of other things looked super scary. He had clustered his beasts up on the left side, and though the infantry/light beasts were on the right side, I was fairly certain the Skinwalkers would not need support over there.

As such, I decided to take the majority of my force over to my own zone to try and kill all the beasts/Hexeris, while the Skinwalkers would just tie up the right flank and score me some points if possible.


Specifically, CJ's deployment.

Circle Turn 1:

CJ had deployed in a way that required very little change in my own deployment. So, I just ran forward. I put Carnivore on the WoO, and also put up Fog of War.

Skorne Turn 1:

CJ also ran forward. His Raider put Snipe on the Cannoneer, who shot at a stealthed Stone and scattered way off.

His Agonizer put up the aura of making any of my Animi expire once I entered his bubble of awesome.

Battle lines staring each other down.

Circle Turn 2:

There were a number of hazards I needed to avoid. First, the Bronzeback would counter-charge me if given the opportunity, potentially messing with my ability to mess with him. Second, his Agonizer would strip whatever Animus I had on my beasts. I would need to kill the Agonizer to get rid of that aura.

Third, I wasn't in a position for my Skinwalkers to charge. They would need to sacrifice a few of their number, then counter charge.

I upkept Carnivore, but dropped Fog of War.

First, the WoO went. They charged the Agonizer, ran into B2B with the Bronzeback (he had some sort of spell that allowed him to react if I actually charged him, I think. At least, that was my perception), and a few ran up to hit the Gladiator as well.

They popped their mini-feat and easily killed the Agonzier, put some damage on the Cannoneer, and nearly killed the Gladiator due to good rolls.

Next, I had the Gorax put Primal on the Stalker closest to CJ's lines.

Stones activated and shifted the Stalker to within 2" of the Bronzeback.

Stalker warped for STR and killed the Bronzeback, doing a couple points to the Cannoneer as well.

Morvahna went and put Carnivore on the Skinwalkers, who ran forward. Two of them ran near to the Skorne infantry, while the others hung back, hopefully mostly outside of the charge range of the infantry/little beasts.

Fairly effective turn, all told.

I added two fury to the Gorax after this turn, BTW, since he cast Primal. Also note that the Wold Watcher is on the right to provide some support to the Skinwalkers.

Skorne Turn 2:

Well, that had been a painful turn for CJ, though he only lost the Agonizer and the Bronzeback. He would need to kill my Stalker this turn, and kill a bunch of infantry as well.

First, the paingivers gave out Enrage to the Gladiator and at least one of the minor beasts.

Hexeris walked up and popped his feat, then shot a bunch of spells at my WoO, several of which died, then killed each other through the feat. Pretty brutal - I think he killed around 5 WoO this way, all RFP'd.

Gladiator then trampled, killing most of the remaining WoO. In fact, I think that finished them all off, from start to finish. Madness :)

Cannoneer killed the Stalker as almost an afterthought. So easy to kill Circle beasts.

Beasts killed one of my Skinwalkers, but the Karax failed to do much to the rightmost Skinwalker.

Solid turn for CJ - he killed over 18 points of mine.

Circle Turn 3:

I saw an opportunity to win the game, but wanted to make sure to get a few points in case it didn't succeed.

I upkept Carnivore on the Skinwalkers.

Leftmost Gallows Grove shifted to behind the Gladiator.

Morv went and cast Sunder Spirit at the Gladiator, making liberal use of rerolls to kill it (it was already significantly weakened by the WoO).

Watcher aimed at a Reptile Hound, got the hit, boosted damage, and rolled a "14" for damage, removing it from play. Heh.

Skinwalkers killed the remaining 2 Reptile Hounds, Zaadesh, and a slew of Karax, healing Morvahna completely through Carnivore.

Blackclad walked up and got a Hunter's Mark off on the Cannoneer.

Stones got out of my Stalker's way.

Gorax cast Primal on the Stalker.

Stalker warped for STR, and charged the Cannoneer for most of his 11" charge, making sure to get within 2" of Hexeris.

Stalker's initial attack hit the Cannoneer, rolled crap damage, had a re-roll from Morv and came very close to killing it. I used his 2nd short-range attack and killed the Cannoneer.

CJ's Raider was maxed out on Fury, and so the Stalker took two swings at Hexeris, and ended the game.

Stalker was faced awkwardly because he needed to face the charge target.

Results: Win for Circle via assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

CJ admitted that he had taken Hexeris to specifically be able to fight me. He's had a history of taking lists to try and counter my own, and this was no exception. However, despite my lack of preparedness for his awesome feat turn, I feel that I had the advantage all game. Having first turn forced CJ to get into the zones, and once he was in the zones, he was in my threat range.

In the end, Skinwalkers again performed admirably. Man, they just do so much work in a Morv2 list. Really, almost an auto-include with her. Madness.

I was happy to get my first win, though I soon discovered that I would be facing Legion in my next match. I hadn't played against Legion since 2010, which is to say, I hadn't played against them at all. Much has changed since then, and I knew that Circle traditionally struggled against them.

Game 2: Circle vs. Bergen's Legion of Everblight

The Mission: Two large round zones, which were each worth 1 to control, 2 to dominate.

Pairing Debate: First, here are his lists. He took Vayl1 and Saeryn, neither of which I knew anything about.

If you can't read it, sorry. Best I could do :)

I wasn't sure what his lists did, but I was sure that Morv2 was a really awful matchup for Legion. I knew they had access to RFP, would ignore my Fog of War, and just generally make my life hard. I also knew that this particular Baldur2 skew would be difficult for him to harm, and that I wouldn't be easily pushed out of the zones. I also knew that (in theory) Legion beasts were easy to kill. I wouldn't need Stalker-esq POW to kill the beasts.

Also, I didn't want to be list-locked in Round 3.

So, no real debate in my mind. I took Baldur 2, while Bergen took Vayl1.

**Bergen won the roll to go first, and he took it.

Pre-game thoughts:

Well. Not ideal to play against a univerally-feared faction for the first time in the second round of a tournament. It's hard to read cards all the way through in that setting as well. I wasn't afraid of Vayl's feat, but the spell list seemed strong. I was happy to see that he didn't have Vayl2, as she is supposed to be even better. As I would find out, Vayl1 was quite enough of a challenge as it was.

My idea was to just get into the zones and slowly out-attrition the supposedly-squishier Legion. Does Baldur2 even have a spell on his list other than Roots of the Earth?

I would focus on the right zone, and send a token holding force of one Watcher and one Guardian to take the left side.


My deployment, rather.

His deployment.

Legion Turn 1:

Bergen ran everything forward. *surprise*

He tried to get a lucky Ravagore shot on some stones, but it would have needed to get super-lucky, and in this case, that didn't happen.

So many heavy beasts!

Circle Turn 1:

I ran everything up, put Stone Form up on the Watchers, and cast RotE on everyone. I also put it on Baldur, as I wasn't sure what sort of shooting shenanigans Everblight would have, leaving him on zero fury.

I actually got a few shots off on a Scythean with the Watchers, who took off some respectable damage (boost to damage) after needing a "6" to hit.

Looks easy enough to kill out of the zones, doesn't it? Those little guys are 24 ARM with 24 boxes each. Heh.

Legion Turn 2:

First, one of his shots killed my Druid with Counter-magic up, due to awful placement.

Then, he ran a spell slave up close to Baldur.

Vayl went, casting Incite, then got Rampager off through the spell slave on the nearby Guardian. The Guardian turned around and hit Baldur, who had RotE up and wasn't knocked over, but took a good chunk of damage.


Vayl popped her feat.

His beasts charged my light beasts, who mostly made it out unscathed. The Angelius took a swing with its armor-piercing hit, boosted damage, and rolled a "5,6,6" for damage. It took about half the Watcher's boxes. Heh, ridiculous how sturdy those things are.

The feat let him then run away and toe the edge of each zone.

Scary turn...

Poor old Baldur took about 9 damage there.

Circle Turn 2:

Through serenity, I was able to get all my fury off my beasts. In fact, I did that every turn, for future reference.

Watcher on the left killed the Forsaken that had been run up close to it.

I realized that my Druids, useless though they would be via popping smoke, could actually drag models closer. So, a coupel of them dragged the hurt Scythean close to them on the right side.

Stones on the right activated and shifted the Guardian close to the Scythean.

Guardian killed the Scythean easily, though forgot to cast Flesh of Clay on itself. Oh well, I could always put RotE on him, right?

Baldur went, and put RotE on everyone BUT the rightmost Guardian. Including the leftmost Guardian. Actually, that was a little later in the turn, but I wanted to say it here for dramatic effect.

Left set of Stones had been cracked, so the Guardian over there ran into the zone.

Really frustrating that I forgot to put up RotE on the Guardian on the right, though I suppose it wasn't awful to have it up on the Guardian on the left.

Poised for a really, really, long game.

Everblight Turn 3:

Vayl cast Incite, and did some more stuff, I'm sure.

He charged my rightmost Guardian with the Ravagore, and put a bunch of damage on him. Then the Seraph shot him a bunch and killed him. Wouldn't have happened if I had remember Flesh of Clay.

Angelius flailed at some Watchers.

Shredder on the left charged a stone on the left and killed it, while his Scythean on that side just hung out on the edge.

Killed one of my heavy-hitters. Not a good turn for me.

Circle Turn 3:

I had the Guardian on the left kill the Shredder, beating him back for a couple inches before he died.

Watcher on the left then shot at the Scythean on the left, taking a couple boxes off.

Watchers on the right tried to pummel Angelius, and mostly failed to do much. One of them moved to within 5" of Vayl, which triggered Dark Sentinel. He had his Ravagore make a full advance and shoot Baldur, taking more damage off him. Bleh.

I used some Druids to drag his Ravagore closer to them, also killing a Shepherd.

Megalith charged in, and (needing a "4" to hit) missed on snake eyes. His second swing hit, bringing the Ravagore down to DEF 8. Megalith kept swinging, but his miss, coupled with some really low damage rolls (I rolled a "3" two different times) ensured that the Ravagore wasn't very damaged at all. *sigh*

Baldur went and popped his feat, having accomplished almost nothing.

Baldur is feating and camping 2. But... is he safe?

Legion Turn 4:

The Ravagore frenzied and hit the nearby Watcher, killing him with another ridiculous roll. Doh!

First, Seraph shot at a Druid, killing him. His second shot went into Baldur, and Baldur took the damage.

Vayl cast Incite, as per usual.

This freed Angelius to charge Baldur, but not before I got a free strike with a Watcher. In a remarkable display of non-suckage, the Watcher hit the Angelius and finished off its mind, making it roll one fewer dice to hit.

Angelius got up to Baldur, boosted to hit (so, with 2 dice) and did an assload of damage, despite Baldur's feat. Baldur shifted it to the Guardian on the left. Angelius then tried to do more damage to Baldur, but failed to do much.


Just as a side note, Baldur *did* receive a lot of healing this game. He got it from Stones, Druids, and Megalith. His health bar at times looked like Morvahna's, going up and down.


Lots of opportunities for me coming up. Will I make the most of them?

Circle Turn 4:

On the left, my Guardian killed the Scythean easily.

Watcher on the left aimed, boosted to hit, and boosted damage on the Shepherd toeing the zone, which would allow me to control the zone for a point at the end of the turn.

Megalith used his Animus, then pummeled the Ravagore and even had enough left to cast RotE on himself.

I ran a few druids in to Vayl, punching with no real success, but also tying her into place. I moved my Counter-magic Druid close to Vayl as well, to negate spells.

Baldur, at this point POW 15, killed the Angelius easily.

I scored a point.

Score: 1-0, advantage Circle.

Ah, a good turn. Baldur has RotE on himself, but is fairly exposed to the Seraph there. Nothing to really be done there, unfortunately.

Everblight Turn 5:

He had an activation conundrum. Vayl couldn't cast spells, which would make his Seraph somewhat pillow-fisted (without Incite). However, the Seraph could kill the Counter-magic druid, making Vayl capable of casting again, but then he would miss out on his (likely) final chance to kill Baldur.

In the end, Vayl just stood there, forcing the Seraph to charge Baldur. Baldur had enough life and fury to shift it away.

I scored another point on the left.

Score: 2-0, advantage Circle.

Circle Turn 5:

Baldur killed the Seraph, for fun.

Druids and Watcher took some swings at Vayl, doing a little damage.

Megalith then walked up, popped his Animus, hit Vayl (reducing her DEF to an effective 8, since Weight of Stone and Wild Undergrowth stack), and did minimal damage. His second hit was transferred (using Vayl's "talion" ability) to Megalith, who was mostly full health.

At this point, Vayl was sitting on 2 boxes remaining, and Megalith was guaranteed to kill her if he hit.

He swung and hit.

And, to be silly, I boosted damage unnecessarily, rolling "6,6,6" and *really* pummeling her into the ground for a drawn-out win.

Silly Megalith :)

Results: Win for Circle via Assassination!!

Post-game thoughts:

Well, that was a crazy game! There were 3 or 4 different assassination attempts on Baldur. I need to get better at protecting my casters, though in this case I feel that I mostly did alright.

Lots and lots and lots of huge swings in luck that I didn't really describe well this game. I got very unlucky a couple times, but also very lucky sometimes as well. Same with my opponent. Really good game against a really tough faction and a stupidly good caster.

In the end, despite my mistakes, he couldn't deal with my insane ARM values, and I was able to wear him down. The game would have gone much better had I actually put RotE on the Guardian on the right, or even cast Flesh of Clay on himself.

Next time I'll hopefully do better :)

At this point, I was a the "top" table, staring down a strong Trollbloods army.

Game 3: Circle vs. Nick's Trollbloods!!

The mission:

Offset 12" circle zones, with objectives in the middle that we could kill if we wanted for 1 CP. Dominate your own zone for 1 CP, control enemy zone for 1 CP, or dominate enemy zone for 2 CP.

Pairing Debate:

Nick had Doomy2 and Borka, but had already played Borka twice, and so was locked into Doomy2.

I knew that Morv2 was going to be a better choice against Trolls regardless, as the Trolls had a bunch of really (really!) strong beasts, and might be able to overpower me before I actually got to do much with Baldur2.

So, Morv2 it was.

His List (roughly):


-Dire Troll Mauler

Fennblades (max)
-Unit Attachment
Krielstone Unit (max)
-Unit Attachment

Stone Chronicler
Fennblade Kithkar
Trollkin Champion Hero
Fell Caller Hero

**I won the roll to go first, and took it.

Pre-game thoughts:

After I saw our deployments, I knew that I would be going for a scenario win. The majority of his forces were arrayed to take his own zone, which would leave me capable of holding up/contesting that zone with a the Skinwalkers + my feat.

The plan was to send the Skinwalkers in, engage the Fennbladestar, kill what I could, get some "flank" charges with the WoO, and then pop the feat when necessary, cleaning up what was necessary. Stalkers would be reserved entirely for the purposes of either charging a short distance to Berserk some Trolls and sprinting away, or killing the enemy heavies.


Not my most inspired deployment shot, haha!

Circle Turn 1:

I ran my guys up. Carnivore went on the Skinwalkers.

I forgot to move my Gallows on the right, up.
Trolls Turn 1:

As if to drive home my point, Nick waltzed up into his own zone, but left the leftmost zone far away.

So many tough medium-size bases!

Circle Turn 2:

Skinwalkers wouldn't be in range to charge the Fennblades, which was mostly fine. They just wanted to distract them anyways.

Morv upkept Carnivore and Fog of War.

Watcher shot a Troll, who toughed. This was a mistake on my part, as this would have given Nick a Vengeance move with his Fennblades.

Stalkers just hung out in the center.

Skinwalkers sent two of their number upward to be killed in preparation for my own counter-charge.

Poised for a really, really, ridiculously huge engagement.

Trolls Turn 2:

This was a turn I will never forget.

Nick immediately started grumbling to himself about killing both my Stalkers with Mulg. I had to question: could SPD 4 Mulg get all the way to BOTH of my Stalkers?

First, his Fennblades charged my Skinwalkers, killing the two front ones and tying up one on the right (they also popped their mini-feat, FWIW).

Krielstone bearers ran up to get out of Mulg's way.

Troll Mauler cast Rage on Mulg, making him POW 23.

Doomy went up, and put Wild Aggression on Mulg. Then, he cast Rush on him. I didn't think of this at the time, but this was actually illegal. Despite it being a "spell" from the Warlock, it was still an animus, which would have taken away Rage.

But I didn't catch it, and we moved on.

Doomy popped his feat, giving his beasts an extra 3" charge.

Seems like a few other abilities from solos were put on Mulg to increase his SPD.

Mulg then went, charging about 12" and into range of my first Stalker.

With Wild Aggression, he still needed a "9" to hit my Stalker behind the barricade. He got it, got +6 on damage against him, and nearly one-shotted the Stalker. His next swing ended the Stalker, and he was then goaded by Doomy up another 2" to the edge of Doomy's control area. He forced a few more times and killed my 2nd Stalker.

OUCH!! SUCH a good move, though without either Rage or Rush, Mulg wouldn't have been able to kill both.

Still, really good turn for Trolls.

As an afterthought, the Axer charged some WoO, killing a few with his Thresher attack.

Ah man... that really, really hurt. I wasn't sure how to come back from something like this.

Circle Turn 3:

I decided to keep at it. I didn't know if I could come back, but I thought maybe I had a chance, IF I could kill Mulg and the Axer. Big IF, since my hard-hitters were already dead without having done anything helpful.

Morv upkept Carnivore.

First, the Skinwalkers went, killing a bunch of Fennblades and knocking more of them down. A couple of them charged into Mulg, doing some moderate damage through rerolls from Morvahna.

Morvahna went next, unsure what she could do, but knowing she needed to kill the Axer on her own. She charged the Axer, knocked him down with the Goat, and killed him with her Weapon Master attacks (cutting herself for extra damage dice). With 3 Fury left, she put Carnivore into the WoO. She then light-cav moved into the zone to dominate it.

Blackclad then went, moving to shoot Mulg in the back with Hunter's Mark, which did hit.

WoO were then ready, and I managed to get 11" charges to Mulg. I believe I had 6 total WoO into him, and some other charges into some Krielstone Bearers. They popped their mini-feat, and I managed to kill a single Stone Bearer, a couple Whelps, and my final attack managed to kill Mulg, healing Morvahna entirely, despite my frenzied rerolls.

Pretty reasonable riposte, if I do say so myself. :)

Morv dominated the zone, giving me 1 CP.

Score: 1-0, advantage Circle.

Who knows what the hell is going on in that zone over there?
Here's a slightly more focused picture I guess?

Trolls Turn 3:

Vengeance triggered, and a few more of my Skinwalkers died.

About 4 WoO died from his infantry, as well as all but two Skinwalkers and my Blackclad.

Not an awesome turn for Trolls, and it was about to get worse.

I scored again with Morv.

Score: 2-0, advantage Circle.

It's made more confusing by the fact that we both have snow basing.

Circle Turn 4:

I upkept Carnivore on the WoO.

WoO activated and killed a ton of Fennblades, knocking themselves down in the process.

Morv activated, moved up closer to the center of the action, and popped her feat, bringing back every single Skinwalker and WoO. She then shot a couple sunder spirits into his Champion Hero, who toughed twice. She shrugged and walked into the zone again to dominate it.

Watcher shot him and he again Tough'd.

Oh well, he was knocked down and wouldn't be able to act, right? Right??

Skinwalkers went and killed a few more Fennblades. I believe Nick was down to about 2 Fennblades remaining. I also made sure to put a couple Skinwalkers behind the Dire Troll Mauler so that he would take a bunch of freestrikes if he decided to run into my zone.

I scored another point, bringing me up to 3.

Score: 3-0, advantage Circle.

At this point, I'd say I have the advantage in the game, though the Mauler is the big question mark.

Trolls Turn 4:

The Mauler decided to go for it, trampling through my WoO and into the zone. My Skinwalkers both easily hit, then rolled a "5" and a "6" for damage, doing nearly nothing to the Mauler, despite having 3 dice! Sigh...

Nick then used his Fell Caller to sound "Reveille", which got his thrice-tough Champion Hero up and ready to charge.

He did charge, doing a huge amount of damage to Morv, who shifted it to the Watcher. Ouch!

At this point, I don't feel like there's a question if I am "winning" the attrition war. The right zone will by "mine" in two more turns. But, can I hold off the Mauler for that long?
 Circle Turn 5:

Skinwalkers go in and munch some more Trolls, as do the WoO. If the game continues, I will have that zone cleared in another turn.

Blackclad shoots his spray at the Champion Hero, killing him.

Watcher goes, charging the Mauler and doing some respectable damage.

Morv doesn't have clear LOS to the Mauler, but walks around the Gorax to make attacks. She knocks him down with the Mount, then, with a flurry of awful rolls, fails to inflict much damage, despite rerolls and 4 dice (weapon master + boosting). She was sitting on about 2 boxes by then, with 3 more Fury remaining. She gave Gorax "Primal", and stayed where she was.

*note* I did try to use the 1" push from the mount to get the Mauler out of his own melee range, but for some stupid reason, she then followed up. Had she kept outside his melee range, she could have used her Cavalry move at the end of her activation. Poor planning on my part, as she was then exposed to Doomy shenanigans.

**edit** I just now realized that my own conundrum was foolish anyways - the Mauler was knocked down already and couldn't have made free strikes if I used my Fast Cavalry move. Something to remember in the future. **/end edit**

Gorax went up, and with his final attack, managed to finish off the Mauler.

Morv dominated the zone, bringing me to the very brink of victory.

Score: 4-0, advantage Circle.

Morvahna's feat was really winning me attrition. As a new player, sometimes I don't appreciate how awesome she is. I can't believe I'm still in this game, about to win despite losing both of my heavies for no gain.

Trolls Turn 5:

Nick is desperate. He won't win attrition now - he has fewer than 10 remaining models in play, and I have a ton of really resilient models left, buffed with a great infantry caster.

He essentially needs to try and win NOW.

Doomy's threat range is about 10" if he wants to charge.

Incidentally, Morv was SO DAMN CLOSE to 10". I thought it was out, and Nick agreed, but then decided that because the hill was technically a 'forest', that it should be ground level. We called the TO, who came over and didn't even take any time saying "he's in". Kind of made me sad, as I didn't feel he took the time to actually measure something that was literally a millimeter or less in difference.

Anyways, a solo gives Doomy pathfinder, and he charges through the forest at Morv, who is on 1 transfer and 2 life. I had had the foresight to leave one fury off the Watcher in order to transfer, and this time it panned out, as Doomy needed a "10" to hit Morv. He boosted the hit/damage with a power that allowed him to do so with a single fury (instead of 2), and Morv transferred the hit to the Watcher, who was nearly dead.

Doomy had 2 more attempts left, needing a "10" to hit.

First one missed.

It came down to a single 50/50 roll.

Nick spiked a perfect "10", hit, and killed Morvahna with a "free" boosted damage roll.


Results: Loss for Circle via assassination from Old Man Doomy!!

Post-game thoughts:

Ah man. What a bummer for the ending. I lost my Stalkers to something I had no idea could move as fast as he did, then came back to controlling the game and forcing a desperation assassination attempt, which panned out.

Thing that really grated was that it was absolutely preventable. Morv could have stayed outside of 1/2" range of the Mauler, then used her Cavalry move to get out of harm's way. I had no real reason for following up. I knew that she wouldn't kill the Mauler - Gorax would need to do that.

As to the double-animus thing - I don't think that he was trying to "cheat". I think it was an honest mistake, which he will not likely make again. It was as much my own fault for not knowing the rules and allowing it as it was for him to have made that mistake.

All in all, a really really great game. I feel like despite the very end of the game, and the mistake with the Stalkers that I will not make again (hopefully, haha), this was my best-played game so far. I positioned my infantry really well, got my order of activation right, and took advantage of the scenario and my opponent's deployment.

I do feel that I'm getting better at this game - probably not enough to really threaten many tournaments this year, but hopefully I can make a little bit of noise at least :)

Tournament Results:

This wasn't actually a sanctioned "Steamroller" event, as we had no Press-ganger to run it. As such, they did awards for "Best Overall" and "Best General", as well as "Best Painting".

I ended up as "Best General", with my opponent winning "Best Overall". With a $20 entry fee, I was happy enough to make off with $50 of store credit. I traded it to a friend for a nearly full unit of pewter Tharn Ravagers (got the UA, but no Shaman, but DID get the White Mane solo, who I will never use, lol). Not a terrible deal!

Moving forward, I want to try a Morv2 + Reeves + War Wolf list. Mostly, Will Pagani's awkward (yet strong) Woldwrath list, with one change: putting an Argus Moonhound in there instead of the Watcher, to get a bump up for my ranged attacks and situational negation of stealth.

I also want to try getting my Kreuger2 list off the ground, and potentially get Kromac up and running as well. Beyond the obvious Morv2 list (which may or may not be the shooting version), I have no idea who my other two casters will be in the various Masters events coming up.

Fun times though, thanks for reading :)

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