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Warmachine Batrep #14: 50 Points Circle (Baldur2) vs. Skorne (Hexeris2) (with pictures!)

So much win.
What's up, folks! I got a random (i.e. unexpected) game in at the LGS yesterday, and figured I'd post it up. I also have my lists for the tournament tomorrow that I wanted to clue you (and everyone who reads this blog and wants to meta me) in on them.

Really, just a fun post all around, despite it only being one report for one of the more boring casters in Circle.

However, it will be about 98% painted models (of mine), so that'll be fun, plus you'll get to see a sneak peak of one of my lists in action, which is also fun.

Also, check this coin out! I won it in 2010 at BoLSCON (which became Wargamescon, which is now Texas Games Con. I even wrote a really quick battle report for it. Fun to read it now and think "man, I know so much more than that now".

Here's the link to it, if interested. It's actually really close to the top.

LOL at "eldrazi assassins"

Oh yeah, I finally finished painting my Warpwolves! I wanted to finish Ghettorix off while I was working on my 2nd Stalker, so I got them both done, despite the fact that Ghetto isn't in either of my lists tomorrow.

Check them out, it looks like the Stalkers are Ghetto's bodyguard or something :)

Ha, you can see Kromac and my pewter Feral and Pureblood in the background too. Didn't realize that until now.

Also a Wold Watcher. I'm pretty happy with how these three turned out:)

Alright, on to the game!

My List:

Baldur2 (Tier 4)

-Wold Guardian
-Wold Guardian
-Wold Watcher
-Wold Watcher
-Wold Watcher

Shifting Stones
-Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Druids of Orboros

Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Leighanna's List:



Centrati (Max)
Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer
Nihilators (Max)

Extoller Soulward
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

The Mission:

The "non-live" one - you can control and dominate the zone for 1 and 2, but the opponent's caster can dominate their flag to reduce your own CPs by 1. First to 5 wins.

**I won the roll to go first and took it, despite my reluctance to do so. I think first turn is generally far more important in WMH than in 40k. Then again, lots of people disagreed with me in 40k, preferring 1st turn. One of the reasons I was a good 40k player, haha.

Pre-game thoughts:

Man, my army is really just going to take a while to kill all her stuff. I would normally not drop this list against Skorne (Skorne can hit SO HARD that my ridiculous ARM is negated), but Leighanna said she didn't want to play against Morv2, and since he was my other drop for the tournament coming up, I decided some more practice was warranted.

I just wanted to get into the zone and slowly kill all her stuff. I knew I would need to basically kill all of the models she had in order to win this, but the same was true of her. Little did I know that she had several ways to get eyeless sight...


Half my army has Advance Deploy!

Another picture of essentially the exact same stuff.
 Circle Turn 1:

I ran the Watchers up to toe the line.

Everything else ran up behind.

Baldur put Roots of the Earth (RotE) on each of the Watchers, and I passed the turn.

Watchers are "only" ARM 20 this turn. Heh.

She wanted a picture of herself in the report, but then she gave me that skeptical look. She also said she didn't roll her eyes. Heh.

Skorne Turn 1:

Everything ran up.

Ashen Veil went on the Nihilators.

Shaman put 3 damage on one of my Watchers.

That was about it.

Circle Turn 2:

Watchers stood there and sacrificed their movement to aim. Boosting their "to hit" and needing 8's, only one hit, but she failed Tough and the model became a forest. I actually think we messed up and also gave the Soulward a soul token from it, despite the RFP.

Watchers all went Stone Form, and Baldur put RotE on them all (Megalith did it to one), and Baldur also made a wall, which I kind of failed at placing effectively.

The rest of my army just kind of meandered up. Druids popped smoke. Guardians stayed inside their stones, ready to teleport everywhere.

Hooray! I've killed a single model!
 Skorne Turn 2:

Nihilators charged me where they could, after getting Pathfinder from the Tyrant Commander. They put some hurt on my Stones, killing one of the leftmost set. They mostly failed to hurt my Watchers, who were up to ARM 24.

Centrati ran/charged, but failed to get in range of one of the Stones on the right, and failed the charge.

Shaman walked up and threw a spear at a Druid, ignoring everything due to eyeless sight, and killed the Druid. Doh!

Everyone else just kept moving up slowly.

And now the grind begins...
 Circle Turn 3:

Megalith activated, used his animus to make everything -2 to DEF, and walked up to some Nihilators, killing two, and putting RotE on himself.

Watchers killed a few other Nihilators.

Rightmost Stones sent the Guardian over to the right to engage two Centrati.

Guardian on the right killed both Centrati easily.

Really, I could have done better with the placement of my Guardian - he could have used his awesome ram hands to kill the same number or more of Centrati on the right, while negating their charge potential in the next turn. Ah well.

That was pretty much it. RotE on the Watchers. Etc.

Skorne Turn 3:

Centrati on my right charged the Guardian, rolled SO STUPIDLY HIGH, and killed him with only 4 total attacks (Tyrant Commander also charged in). Yikes.

He did some stuff to his Bronzeback (Rush, whatever the Paingivers do to buff him), and the Bronzeback charged my Megalith. She got lucky and unlucky at the same time. It was damage minus 3, and the first hit, she rolled "1,1,1" for damage. Then, she followed that up with a "10", "11", and "9". The other attacks were more reasonable, and Megalith had about 5 boxes left after the onslaught.

The Willbreaker then went and gave him an Ancillary Attack. Bronzeback would need an "8" to kill Megalith. But first she rolled to hit and... SNAKEYES!!

Wow... good timing for me :)

Shaman sniped another Druid. Bah.

Bronzeback is facing my direction in reality :)

Circle Turn 4:

It was fairly obvious that I would need to kill the Bronzeback this turn. However, I had some awkward movement issues with the Guardian, Megalith, Stones, and the leftmost Watcher.

First, I had Megalith go. He had healed his one broken spiral at the start of the turn, so was "fully functional".

He hit the Bronzeback, reducing its defense by 3. Some excellent damage rolls later and the Bronzeback was left on 3 boxes left.

Leftmost Watcher walked up, swung, hit, boosted damage, and killed the Bronzeback, turning him into a forest. HA! He turned to Stone Form (as usual).

Rightmost Watcher killed a Nihilator and took a box off of the Centrati in combat with him, then went Stone Form.

Middle Watcher drew a bead on the Willbreaker, boosted to hit, and killed the jerk.

Druids, not really knowing what to do, popped smoke. One of them wandered into the clump of Centrati on the left and took a swing, accomplishing nothing. In hindsight, he really should have just popped his smoke to make them swing less awesomely.

One enterprising Grove shifted up to draw a bead on the Soulward.

Baldur cast Crevasse on the Soulward, boosted to hit, hit, then boosted damage, killing the thing, and the ensuing spray also killed a Nihilator. He then got himself roughly outside of the Centrati's 10" threat range and popped his feat, making everyone +3 ARM. Camping 1 Fury, I was moderately confident that he would be able to deal with whatever damage Leighanna wanted to throw at me.

Actually a pretty strong turn for me - lots of dead stuff.

Wow, lots of Fury was used here, haha!

At this point, we had drawn quite a crowd. I think someone else was watching as well. 

Skorne Turn 4:

Centrati went, one of them took a free strike from my Druid, and the Druid nailed the roll, needing a "14" to kill and getting it exactly. Really crazy dice rolls this game. Other Centrati killed my hapless druid.

Tyrant Commander charge my rightmost Gallows Grove and killed it easily.

Some of the Paingivers and the Shaman ran into the middle, and the remaining Nihilators ran in.

Shaman killed my Druid unit leader with his spear, getting rid of Counter Magic, which had been "on" the whole game.

Man... this army is so stupidly hard to hurt!

Circle Turn 5:

Megalith went first and used his Animus, then killed a Nihlator.

Watchers killed a bunch of Nihilators, the Tyrant Commander's Flag Bearer, a Centrati, and Marketh. All took Stone Form. Megalith's animus was awesome for this - most of those models were within 5", and thus -2 DEF.

Guardian also benefited from the animus, as he walked up and pummeled the Shaman to death.

Baldur got crazy and charged the Tyrant Commander, killing him with his POW 19 weapon. He then cast RotE on the Guardian and himself.

Druids walked up and popped smoke between the remaining Centrati and Baldur, blocking LOS.

Good turn, though I barely missed clearing the zone. She kept making a ton of her Tough rolls. Such a tricky rule :)

Skorne Turn 5:

Gladiator charged my Guardian, did a bunch of hits, but not a bunch of damage.

Some Paingivers got into the zone.

Centrati killed my two remaining Druids.

Game is coming to a close...

Circle Turn 6:

Megalith put up his Animus.

Guardian killed the Gladiator.

Baldur charged the Centrati with his POW 20 and killed one of them, rolling very poorly.

Stones shifted a Watcher in to kill the 2nd Centrati.

The other Watchers finished off the Nihilators and Beast Masters.

I controlled the zone for 1 CP.

After a long, long game, I finally have 1 CP.

Rest of the Game:

Leighanna ran everything else into the zone other than Hexeris.

I was able to kill everything the next turn, running Baldur into the zone as well to Dominate, and blocking all conceivable LOS to Hexeris, giving me 3 total points.

Hexeris ran to my own flag, dominating it for 2, and I also dominated the zone for 2, ending the game.

Results: Grindy 5-2 win for Circle via scenario!!

Post-game thoughts:

Wow, what a grind! I need to work on my model spacing, as it was really giving me some trouble trying to get at guys without having reach. I felt like Leighanna played it well, especially since she didn't really know what to expect going in. She got a little lucky to kill my Guardian, but unlucky not to kill Megalith. As it happened, I would almost always prefer to lose a Guardian than Megalith, so that went in my favor. Had she managed to kill both in one turn, this game would have really started going in her favor.

Overall, I just need to learn to play faster. This list can get to be fairly automatic I think, but at this stage I'm still somewhat slow with it. If I want to win via the grind, I'm going to need to actually go faster so I don't clock myself out of a win.

Fun game though - Hexeris wasn't really a threat for most of it, which was surprising. I think that my other lists would have a lot more difficulty dealing. My Morv2 list would have actually struggled I think, despite it being a better overall drop against Skorne (in my opinion).

Anyways, hopefully we get another game in soon, Leighanna. I promise to bring something more dynamic :)

So, here are the lists I have decided to take to the tournament tomorrow:

List 1:


-Warpwolf Stalker
-Warpwolf Stalker
-Wold Watcher

Wolves of Orboros (max)
-Unit Attachment
Warpborn Skinwalkers (max)
Shifting Stones
-Stone Keeper

Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer


I decided to take out Morraig in favor of trying out a Watcher. He'll give me a *little bit* of a ranged presence, and an annoying ARM 21 light who can shield guard Morv from things like Eyriss and stuff. Not 100% sure I love the list, but it's been doing some work for me.

List 2 (you just saw it):

Baldur2 (Tier 4)

-Wold Guardian
-Wold Guardian
-Wold Watcher
-Wold Watcher
-Wold Watcher

Shifting Stones
-Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Druids of Orboros

Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove


I figure that this is a good drop against super shooty lists, and against armies who rely on being fast and elite. My Wolds don't really care if you have MAT/RAT of 2 or 10 - they get hit easily regardless. The higher the MAT/RAT, the more wasted points against them. Generally going to be my drop against Everblight, Cygnar, and/or other shooty/infantry-heavy lists.

We'll just see how it goes - I'm excited for the tournament, though I don't really hold any expectations other than having 3-4 good games and (hopefully) getting better as a result.

See you on the other side!

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